How to Bring the Philadelphia Waterfront and Penn’s Landing Home

The Philadelphia waterfront, also known as Penn’s Landing, is a very interesting and inspiring place to visit. This article provides tips for adding a touch of the nautical scenery of Penn’s Landing to your home’s interior design.

There’s nothing quite like taking a leisurely stroll through the Penn’s Landing area of Philadelphia on a quiet Sunday afternoon. There are plenty of cool sights to behold. Even after you leave, the feeling you had there stays with you all day.

If you really enjoy the scenery of the Philadelphia waterfront and want to bring some of it home with you, why not try a few tips to add a nautical feel to the rooms of your house?

Brick Floor Designs

One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive at Penn’s Landing is the distinctive brick-covered ground. It is very artfully done. In some areas, it is all red brick. In other areas, you will find a mixture of differently colored bricks arranged in a pattern. In one room of your house, try to mimic the design of one specific area of the brick ground at Penn’s Landing, such as the amphitheater, which has a circular pattern with various colored bricks and stones.

Nautical Bathroom

Design your bathroom so that it resembles one of the unforgettable boats that stay docked at Penn’s Landing. Start with cool blue sea breeze paint on the walls. Mount small tan boat masts on the walls, and line the outside of the tub with white and red panels to resemble the hull of the boat at the Seaport Museum. Place a red life preserver on the back of your door. Don’t forget to place a bottle with a miniature boat inside atop a cabinet or somewhere on your sink.

The Penn’s Landing Sign

One of the most memorable sights at the pier is the Penn’s Landing sign. It is a large arching sign emblazoned with large capital letters that reaches over the entrance to the bridge. It lights up at night. One simple way to add the nautical feel of Penn’s Landing to your home is to place a replica of the sign in much-frequented areas of your house. For example, place it over your bedhead so that it will be your “landing” place every time you go to sleep. Play some sounds of the shore to help you doze off. You could also place the sign behind your sofa in the living room or any other spot where you “land” or “dock” frequently.

There are countless ways that you can bring the sights and scenery of Penn’s Landing and the Philadelphia waterfront home. Let these ideas be a starting point to give your house a touch of nautical beauty.


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