How to Decorate Like an Interior Designer

When it comes to decorating our homes, it’s tempting to jump in and buy the first thing we love. A little planning will yield better results. Learn how to decorate like an interior designer with our easy tips!

When it comes to decorating our homes, it’s tempting to jump in and buy the first thing we love. A little planning will yield better results though.

Learn how to decorate your NYC home like an interior designer with these easy tips!

Create a Budget

Setting a budget is the most important part of your project. Before buying anything, sit down and create a budget. Decorating projects take time. You don’t need a huge lump sum to spend immediately. Instead, plan on saving and contributing money over time.

Your budget will determine the scope of your project. If money is tight, new accessories may be the key to your makeover. Even with a large budget, knowing how much you have to spend is important.

Gather Inspiration

Now comes the fun part: gathering inspiration! Ask yourself a few questions. How will the room be used? How should it feel? Who will use the space? These questions will directly impact your decorating plan. If you’re decorating a bright, cheery dining nook used for feeding kids, that white linen fabric you love is not a good choice.

Now look for pictures of rooms you love, accessories and fabrics that catch your eye, or beautiful color schemes. Ideas can come from anywhere. We are surrounded by inspiration in New York. Maybe you love sunsets over the Hudson, or you spotted an unusual color combination at the Met.

Gather inspiring ideas on a Pinterest board or keep everything in a decorating binder that you can take shopping later.

Make a Plan

After you’ve gathered inspiration, it’s time to make a plan. Look through the inspirational items you’ve gathered and pull your favorites. Create an inspiration board that will set the tone for your room.

Measure the room and create a floorplan. You can either do this by hand or by using an online program such as RoomSketcher.

Determine the room’s focal point (could be a fireplace, beautiful window, or even a TV), then add furniture to your floorplan. This guide to standard furniture sizes is a great reference.

Next, create a list of items to purchase. Add details about colors, materials, and dimensions (for example: gray velvet love seat, 35″D x 60″W). Refer back to your budget and set a price for each item. You may not pay these exact prices, but this will provide a helpful guide.

Buy the Big Pieces First

One important tip when learning how to decorate is that you should buy the big pieces first.

Say you’re decorating a living room. Finding the perfect couch in your price range may be challenging. If you’re trying to match that couch to curtains you’ve already bought, it gets even more difficult. That’s why accessories should come last!

Try to avoid purchasing sets. Doing so will give your home a cookie cutter feel. Instead, look for furniture that works together but doesn’t match. The sales staff at your local furniture store can provide help, if you need it.

Add Accessories

After you’ve purchased the big items, it’s time to add accessories.

Accessories are the perfect opportunity to add texture (soft, hard, smooth, etc.), color, and personality to your home. Think back to how you wanted the room to feel. Accessories can help you achieve this!

Take Your Time

When learning how to decorate, the most important thing is to take your time!

A beautiful home does not happen overnight. Interior designers spend months or even years working on a project. Take your time, and you will be amazed at the results!


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  1. Julian Bavin
    October 20, 2017

    Hi Ginnie,

    Great piece! Can you include our 3d home design software in your next article. It’s great for visualising your interior and exterior with a great walk through function. Thousands of texture materials and objects to bring your project to life!



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