How to Find a Cooking Class in NYC

With tiny kitchens and restaurants galore to choose from, many New Yorkers forgo home cooking. However, a cooking class may inspire you to get creative in the kitchen at home, leading to saving money and eating healthier meals. Here are a few fun options.

If you live in New York City, chances are that cooking may not be on the top of your priority list. With tiny kitchens and restaurants galore to choose from, many New Yorkers forgo home cooking and opt for the plethora of eateries and takeout options that are available at the click of a button. However, eating at home is healthy and can be a fun social activity, especially if you learn some skills in a cooking class! There are many available in NYC — here are a few great options.

Haven’s Kitchen

If you live around the Flatiron District, you’re going to want to know about Haven’s Kitchen. Founded by stylish foodie and writer Alison Cayne, Haven’s Kitchen is a combination cooking school/cafe/event space located on 17th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. The space itself is beautiful and relaxing, and the classes provide something for everyone, from seasoned chef to inexperienced beginner. Some options include Intro to Knife Skills, All Sorts of Salads, Intro to Dough, Festive Vegan Cakes, and many, many more. At the Haven’s Kitchen cooking school, you can learn practical skills, tips, and techniques that you can take into your own home and utilize to craft meals from scratch. You can take a peek at the space and read about a cooking class here.

Course Horse

Course Horse is a great resource to discover hundreds of classes in NYC, cooking classes included. You can find classes that take place at different locations all over the city, making this a perfect resource no matter what neighborhood you live in. There are couple’s classes, cooking techniques classes, baking classes, and more. You’ll find that you can learn to make homemade pasta, sushi, tapas, and other types of things that you would normally get at a restaurant — but in the comfort of your own home! The classes are also a great way to meet other people and learn some new skills while also mingling.

International Culinary Center

At the International Culinary Center in Soho, you’ll learn to cook and bake from master chefs and also students who are currently training to be chefs, all within the school’s professional kitchen facilities. You can take one-day classes or multi-day courses, depending on how much you want to learn and how much time you’d like to invest in your new skills. Again, the fun part is learning to make things at hone that normally you’d need to go out for — at ICC they offer classes on doughnut and fritter making, macarons and madeleines, ramen and gyoza, and homemade pizza. Taking the classes is a fun way to spend the day, and later you’re able to take those skills home and make a delicious meal that will likely taste way better than takeout!

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  1. alison cayne
    June 23, 2016

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Thanks for writing about Haven’s Kitchen! You definitely don’t need a big kitchen to make amazing meals… you’ll spend less, bond more, and have more fun at home 🙂

    All the best, thanks again,


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