Kid Friendly Furniture and Home Design in Philly

Your design tastes might not have changed when you had kids. But, furniture that you’re going to constantly have to worry about or clean might not work. You don’t have to sacrifice style for a kid friendly home. Here’s how to get the best of both worlds.

You just bought a home in Philadelphia, and you’re about to move in — with kids in tow. That means when you design and layout your new space, it’s important to keep the needs of your little ones in mind. Although you might picture brightly colored, small scale furniture when you think of kid friendly furniture, it’s possible to find pieces that can stand up to whatever a five-year-old can throw at them, while still looking great.


Your children’s bedroom can be their own private space, where the toys can reign and kid friendly designs are acceptable. If kids are sharing a room, it can make sense to invest in bunk beds, as they take up less floor space in a small Philly bedroom. If you go the bunk bed route, make sure the top bunk has a sturdy safety rail, on both sides. The last thing you want is for a kid to tumble out of bed in the middle of the night.

Living Room

Finding kid friendly furniture for the living room can be one of the most tricky aspects of living and decorating with kids. If your kids are under age 10, there are a few things to keep in mind: darker colors, durable construction, and softer edges. That means you might want to trade a coffee table with sharp corners and a hard surface for a softer, gentler pouf or ottoman. You can still use the furniture as a surface for snacks and drinks, but it will be a lot softer if your just-learning-to-walk toddler tumbles into it.

When it comes to actual seating, the tougher, the better. Although it might seem like a good idea to get the cheapest couch from IKEA, if you have room in your budget, you might consider investing in something that’s made of strong materials and that can stand up to years of kids jumping and climbing on it. Leather, surprisingly, can be one of the best upholstery choices for families with kids, especially if it’s a leather you can wipe clean. Unlike fabric, leather won’t stretch out or snag. If leather is out of your budget, another good option is to get seating with removable, washable slipcovers. That way, if a kid spills or has an accident, you can take off the cover and toss it in the wash.

Storage and Decorating

Toys and kids go hand in hand. One way to keep your kids’ toys under control is to provide them with easy-to-access storage options. For example, have an attractive storage box for each child’s toys in the living area. Designate one low shelf on a bookcase for the toy box. When the kids are done playing, they can easily toss their toys in the box and set it back on the shelf.

If you have a collection of delicate or fragile decorative items, such as glass vases or porcelain figurines, you don’t have to pack them away until the kids are older. Just display them well out of reach. For example, save the top shelves of a bookcase for your accessories while letting the kids have access to the lower shelves. A good rule of thumb to follow is to keep anything fragile at least four feet off of the ground.

Accidents will happen when you have kids, but if you have furniture that can take what they dish out, you’ll end up with fewer stains and less damage. You don’t have to trade style for function when living with children.


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