Kid Friendly Work Spaces

These cool work spaces will have your kids excited to do homework!

Back to school season is in full swing which means lots of excitement and loads of homework. I’m not sure how things work in your household but growing up I remember the kitchen table was the hub of all excitement for my siblings and I.

Everything happened at the kitchen table, particularly homework. While it was fun to be around everyone and in the mix of everything going on it wasn’t the ideal work space to get school tasks done.

I have to admit, I did have a beautiful white wicker desk in my bedroom which would have been perfect for completing assignments but I almost never used it. My favorite spots were always either the table or my bed. My back always ached so badly when I would hover over my books in bed. Looking back I wish I had utilized that special work space more often but it’s too late now. The desk has been passed on to my younger sister.

Check out these awesome kid friendly work places that are great for intense study sessions and the like.

When kids have a work space of their own they can freely decorate it anyway they choose.  

 With a book shelf like this one, they (should) never lose track of their important reading materials again.


Not all work spaces need to be huge. 

  Reading is such an important part of education. This room was transformed into a mini home library. 

This unique work space is right off of the bedroom.


This bedroom utilized extra space for a work area. 

A work space that perfectly blends in with this room’s decor. 

This kid’s bedroom has cute little bookshelves and a small desk. 

cover by alamosbasement

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