Landscaping Is the Key to Creating Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal is what makes potential buyers notice your property. Learn about how to conqueor the challenges of creating and maintaining an inviting front yard in Dallas-Fort Worth during the hot summer months.

Summertime landscaping can be challenging in the Dallas-Fort Worth heat, but it’s of utmost importance when you’re selling your home. Creating curb appeal is what makes potential buyers notice your property, giving you an edge.

Think Lush and Green

Make sure your lawn looks great. Replace any dead spots in your front yard with new turf. Most DFW municipalities have water restrictions because of drought conditions, but try to keep your lawn watered once a week to make sure it stays green. You can hand-water any new turf on a daily basis until it’s established.

Create Color

Add some blooming plants in beds or pots around your front door as part of your landscaping. Consider using native plants that require little care. Heat-tolerant annuals like moss rose provide a pop of color without wilting, unlike petunias or other flowers that fare better during springtime in DFW. If you do have scraggly spring flowers, get rid of them. With plants in beds, use soaker hoses to provide water. Soaker hoses are more efficient, helping you save on your water bill. Plus, soaker hoses are usually encouraged as part of each city’s water conservation efforts.

Use Mulch in Flower Beds

Mulch is your friend when you’re getting ready to sell your home. Mulch keeps weeds from growing, saving you work. It also seals moisture in the ground, saving water. And lastly, mulch gives your front yard a finished look. You can even buy it in a variety of colors — like warm reddish-brown, tan, or dark brown — to match your soil or to play up the color of your bedding plants.

Make Shrubs Appealing

Many DFW homes have shrubs planted in the front yard. In older homes, they’re often located next to windows. Be sure to trim back your shrubs so that windows are visible and the property looks safe. If your shrubs are big enough for a person to hide behind, cut them back or replace them with smaller varieties.

While you have your trimmers out, make sure there are no low-hanging branches on your trees that obstruct the view from the street. If your trees don’t have a symmetrical shape or have dead branches high up, hire a tree trimmer to fix them up. Keep in mind that many trees grown in the DFW area start dropping their leaves in late August and September, and you’ll need to keep the leaves off your lawn.

With a little forethought, you can create and maintain a beautiful front yard to invite potential buyers to take a look at your home. With landscaping for curb appeal, you’ll be moving to your new home before you know it.


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