LG’s Innovative Vacuum Technology Puts A New Spin on Cleaning

LG is working hard to make cleaning your home easier, and your life more convenient.

While coming home to a lint and crumb-free living space is ideal, I fully admit that I dread vacuum days. Tripping over the cord, or having to unplug and re-plug so my vacuum can reach every corner of my home can make the cleaning experience somewhat frustrating. Thankfully, LG is working hard to make vacuuming much easier, and your life much more convenient. Here are two of their innovative designs:

LG Bedding Cleaner
While your bed is probably one of your most-loved spaces in your home, it’s also a place which collects dust mites, lint, and stray hairs. The LG Bedding Cleaner is the perfect solution for sanitizing your mattress. It’s compact in size, and conveniently docks into its charging station for easy storage in any corner of your bedroom. DualPunch technology means the bristles of the vacuum vibrate 8,000 times per minute, so any dust that happened to be on your mattress or sheets doesn’t stand a chance at sticking around. The Bedding Cleaner also has built-in UV sterilization system inside which kills any harmful germs or bacteria, so you can rest assured you are sleeping on a hygienic bed every night.

2in1 Hand Stick
The LG 2in1 Hand Stick is giving you the freedom to clean each room in your home without worrying about tripping over the cord. Its Dual Power Pack ensure longer run-time, and you can pop out the motor and use it as a hand-held vacuum if you only need to clean one small area of your home. We were able to test out this vacuum at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and it worked exceptionally well at handling tough messes.

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Header image via LG.com

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