Living in Style: The Tudor

Learn more about what makes a Tudor style home so unique beyond the iconic exposed timbers interspersed with stucco.

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A home’s style speaks more about than just aesthetics.  It evokes a history, a tradition.  The Tudor home style is no different.  Learn more about what makes a Tudor style home so unique.

The first Tudor style homes appeared in the United States around 1890. Based loosely on early English building traditions that range from simple folk houses to late medieval palaces, the Tudor style is as eclectic as it is picturesque. It’s this versatility, adaptability and design flexibility that makes it a widely-admired style.

While the most distinctive feature of these homes is their exposed timbers interspersed with stucco, details are often borrowed liberally from Renaissance or American Eclectic traditions such as Craftsman or Prairie Style. Other style elements found in the Tudor style include:

  • Steeply pitched roofs with single or multiple front gables
  • Large, elaborate chimneys
  • Rectangular or diamond-shaped grilles on windows
  • Color choices that complement the dark wood tones found on windows and trim

The Tudor style’s preference for asymmetrical design provides additional flexibility. For example, the bay and bow windows that are so common in this style may be placed on any side of the home to capture the views outside.

This Coldwell Banker listing from Kathleen Prangley with Coldwell Banker West Shell in Cincinnati, OH oozes the Old World charm of the Tudor home style.

The original Tudor house style craze peaked in the 1920s and 1930s, yet the styles remains popular in homes designed and built today – another testament to its beauty and time-proven adaptability. Learn more about the Tudor style at Andersen Windows’ online Home Style Library.

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