LSU Tigers & Baton Rouge — Enjoying Life in a College Town

Living in Baton Rouge can be quite the adventure. It’s certainly a fast-paced environment with a vibrancy that just can’t be fully explained! Regardless of which team you root for, college towns are a great place to live.

Living in Baton Rouge can be quite the adventure. It’s certainly a fast-paced environment with a vibrancy that just can’t be fully explained! Regardless of which team you root for, college towns are a great place to live whether you are single, raising a family, or enjoying retirement.

Louisiana residents are proud of their Tigers, as evidenced by the amount of purple and gold you’ll see in Baton Rouge. It’s a daily occurrence to see locals wearing their school colors with pride. The colors are even worked into the landscapes of many homes and businesses. Hard to believe? Stop by the LSU Barnes & Noble Bookstore or any local shop, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of purple and gold.

Endless Activities

Baton Rouge has a lively atmosphere that’s common among college towns. Maybe it has something to do with the constant infusion of youth that keeps everyone feeling young at heart. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll never get bored because there is always something to do. From sporting events and art exhibits to lectures and countless outdoor activities, LSU truly offers something for everyone. Are you into sports? There’s soccer games, basketball games, gymnastics, and of course, LSU football.

Educational Opportunities

With a university literally in your back yard, there is ample opportunity to broaden one’s education and knowledge, whether you simply want to take one class to sharpen your skills or earn your degree.

But college courses are not just for adults. Students of all ages can enjoy learning new things. LSU offers a number of summer programs for kids to keep their minds sharp. Camps offered during the summer include robotics, filmmaking, computer animation, and so much more.

“Friendly” Rivalries

If you happen to cheer for another team, especially one in the Southeastern Conference, you might hear the occasional hackle or phrase of “Tiger Bait.” No worries, though. Sporting a t-shirt for another team can actually lead to some great and friendly conversations. For example, this Razorback girl never dreamed I would live in “enemy territory,” (yes, the SEC rivalry is real). Wearing my “enemy” t-shirts has led to some great and fun conversations with locals and out-of-town visitors. And, I must admit, next to the Razorback gear you’ll find some LSU purple and gold. And yes, my family loves living in Baton Rouge.

Thriving Economy

Of course, there’s more to Baton Rouge than just LSU. The Capital City has a robust industry and business sector, great healthcare, fabulous restaurants (be prepared to gain the “freshman 15” your first year here), and countless family-friendly activities. If you find yourself bored on any given day of the week, then you haven’t taken the time to look around at the numerous community activities available.

Colleges are also great for business! They serve as a recruiting ground for employers, a resource for customized workforce training, and the college attracts new residents to the area — both students and faculty — creating a strong housing market.

Whether or not you are a fan of the LSU Tigers, you’ll enjoy living in Baton Rouge. And soon, you just might find yourself wearing purple and gold, too. #GeauxTigers


Amy Poe is a licensed REALTOR® serving the Greater Baton Rouge area who works with home buyers and sellers to help them reach their dreams. Before joining Coldwell Banker ONE, Amy worked in the marketing and public relations industry. Now, she's taking her marketing and communications skills and applying them to a career in real estate. She understands listing a home is more than placing it in MLS, it's about using data and technology to target the right buyers for each home. #GeauxwithPoe

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  1. Sandra Laughlin
    April 26, 2016

    My LSU alum granddaughter is getting married in Baton Rouge in early May. Can’t wait to enjoy some LA food. Yum! Her bachelorette party was here in NYC. Go figure! I mean…geaux figure!


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