Luxury Homes in Jacksonville: A Neighborhood Guide

As the largest city in the continental Unites States, Jacksonville, Florida is made of dozens of distinct neighborhoods. Discover some of the more upscale parts of the city and the luxury homes they offer.

Outside of three cities in Alaska, Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in the country in terms of square miles. Any community this large is naturally going to split into neighborhoods, and this city has dozens of distinct ones. Some of the more affluent parts of Jacksonville contain some amazing luxury homes. Whether you’re looking for old Florida mansions or brand new, high-end, modern architecture, these special neighborhoods offer homes at their best.

Queen’s Harbour

The Queen’s Harbour neighborhood is just 10 miles from downtown Jacksonville, but the attitude is one of gracious living away from the busy city center. Centered around the Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club, this neighborhood was developed to preserve as much of the natural Florida beauty of the area as possible. Sumptuous homes back onto the Intra-coastal Waterway or a freshwater lagoon, and those who love the links can live right next to the fairways.

Queen’s Harbour is a true community, with activities surrounding the golf course and the yacht club, and several country club events for socializing with the neighbors. For those who find easy access to water and boating an important part of their lives, Queen’s Harbour may be the ideal neighborhood.


When looking for colorful historic characters, few neighborhoods in Jacksonville can compete with Ortega. The gangster George “Machine Gun” Kelly lived here in the 1930s right before his capture, and cattle rustler Daniel McGirtt called this area home for many years. Because of its unusual configuration, Ortega is almost an island and offers waterfront property from almost every angle. The interesting history of the place, along with the separate geography from the surrounding city, may contribute to the relaxed, upscale lifestyle the residents enjoy.

If you miss the old days when parents watched out the window for other people’s children and kids had lemonade stands at the end of the driveway, come to the Ortega neighborhood to find what you’re looking for. This community has held on to the meaning of the word “neighbor” and kept it a special bond between friends. The pharmacy has a lunch counter and will deliver your prescriptions to your home, and the newest restaurant offers premade meals you can finish cooking yourself in your kitchen. In the middle of all this down-home comfort are some of the most spectacular homes in the Jacksonville area. The unique luxury homes on the waterfront can run into the millions and offer amenities such as butler’s pantries, six or seven bathrooms, and direct access to the water for easy cruising to the Atlantic.

Riverside Avondale

Voted one of America’s 10 great neighborhoods by the American Planning Association, Riverside Avondale is home to elegant historic houses in a neighborhood with modern flair. The area is primarily residential, accented with flavorful shopping districts such as Five Points and the King Street District. Riverside and Avondale are two historic districts that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and together they make up one neighborhood that showcases historic homes of diverse architecture. The Riverside Avondale Preservation is dedicated to keeping the flavor of the neighborhood alive by caring for all the jewel-like homes it contains. These homes run toward large buildings with many bedrooms and guest rooms, outbuildings such as carriage houses and cabanas, docks and boatlifts, and high-end kitchen and bathroom refits. The word “mansion” comes to mind with many of these properties, and they are home to some of the most comfortable living in the city of Jacksonville.

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