Making Sense of Backyard Fencing

Before undertaking an investment in backyard fencing, it is wise to research local regulations and to consider carefully the types of backyard fencing available in relation to the specific goals that you have in mind for your project.

Privacy concerns, swimming pool requirements, and pet boundaries are just a few of the reasons you might install backyard fencing on your property. Or you may simply subscribe to the old adage, “good fences make good neighbors.” Regardless of your motives, before undertaking the investment, it is wise to research local regulations and to carefully consider the types of backyard fencing available in relation to the specific goals that you have in mind for your project.

No Fencing Needed?

In Las Vegas, block walls surround individual properties in many subdivisions. A Las Vegas Sun article addressed the reasons why this exterior design element is prevalent in the majority of neighborhoods. In the 1970s, this construction trend was initially aimed at buffering traffic noise for residents of subdivisions adjacent to city streets. In later decades, smaller lot sizes further promoted the block wall as it provided separation between yards that would otherwise lack privacy.

Yes, Fencing Needed

Perhaps your home sits on a large custom lot with no fabricated walls, or you live in a vintage neighborhood that predates the block wall standard. If so, begin your quest for backyard fencing by researching city building requirements. For the City of Las Vegas, fill out a Single Lot Wall application. The City of Henderson also requires a backyard wall building permit. The City of North Las Vegas specifies that permitting is necessary only if you want to construct a block or masonry wall or a fence that is over six feet in height. Your fencing contractor will know the building codes pertaining to various types of fencing in your zone.

You may like the idea of block wall perimeters because they provide privacy and are a sturdy deterrent against unwanted visits from coyotes or other desert wildlife. If you simply wish to soften its visual impact, consider climbing vines or other trees and shrubbery that effectively create a natural facade and offer some cooling effects from the sun’s heat on the block wall hardscape. If your budget allows, you can always apply stucco as many community associations do with exterior facing walls. If you want to break with convention, consider PVC, aluminum, or wood fencing.

Backyard Fencing for Pool Homes

Pool safety is a common reason for fencing in a back yard, regardless of existing block wall perimeters. If you have a block wall, it may need to be raised to comply with wall/fence height requirements around pools. Southern Nevada Pool Codes do not require child safety fencing for a pool, however, provided you install an audible door alarm and self-closing latches on gates at all access points to the yard. Even so, if you have young children living in your home or visiting frequently, fencing would be a prudent addition. Some companies specialize in this type of fencing, which is designed to be unobtrusive, to allow pleasant views of the pool, and to be easy to uninstall years later when the children have grown up.

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