Making a Man Cave Las Vegas Style

Whether you’re a college student, a dad, or retired, if you’re the man of the house, you want a place in the house for a man. In other words, you want a Man Cave. Here are some tips for converting your garage into a palace of masculinity.

Whether you’re a college student, a dad, or retired, if you’re the man of the house, you want a place in the house for a man. In other words, you want a Man Cave.

In Las Vegas, where there are many products and resources available to combat summer heat, you’ve got some seriously usable living space in the area typically known as your garage. Combined with the generally mild winter, the idea of sacrificing the protection a garage offers the car in Las Vegas is not quite as unthinkable as say . . . Minnesota. So tell your vehicle to make way for your Man Cave!

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

Think about this element first. Properly insulating doors, walls, and ceilings not only keeps your Man Cave comfy all year round, it also makes good energy efficient sense. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the garage is the top recommended locations for insulation in your home. Ceiling or other strategically placed fans work well with proper insulation. With these preparations in place, your space will remain comfortable even on temperate Las Vegas evenings. For a fully functional effect, however, it’s worth considering AC and heat units if necessary.

Power to the People

If you want to have the most toys on the block and keep them running right, invest time in researching appropriate power strips and surge protection. If you plan on stocking a workbench loaded with power tools, the proper electrical source requirements will differ from those needed to support a Man Cave that’s more gadget-centric.

Outfitting Your Space

  • For most males of the species, the flat screen usually ranks as priority #1. Hang this essential element wisely and consider a spot with the maximum amount of viewing vantage points. Don’t just confine your ideas to the walls. Maybe you’d prefer suspending the TV from the ceiling!
  • Try using yard sale finds, such as an antique wooden slat-back chair, and mounting them on the wall. This “found objects” approach creates a free form, foolproof style of decorating. Here in Las Vegas, you might even want to stick with a hometown motif, using readily available tourist kitsch or Old Vegas memorabilia. Also consider some sort of flooring. Throw rugs or adhesive back carpet squares make easy DIY options.
  • Finally, what would a proper Man Cave be without food and drink? The options run from a basic cooler and a small cabinet loaded with the essentials to a built-in wet bar with refrigerator/freezer and microwave. Don’t forget to keep some plates, napkins, and cutlery handy.

For a pure Vegas vibe, be sure to include a poker table and maybe even a slot machine or two. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic games such as fooseball, air hockey, or darts. Just remember, the cave doesn’t make the man, the man makes the cave.


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