Mediterranean Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

The city of Philadelphia is similar to the Mediterranean region in a few ways, including its old world charm and diverse cultural exchanges. Why not add some Mediterranean decorating ideas to your living room to warm up your Philly home?

The city of Philadelphia is similar to the Mediterranean region in a few ways: it’s full of old-world charm, it has a bustling seaport, the atmosphere is ripe for diverse cultural exchanges, and the community puts an emphasis on “brotherly and sisterly love.” Why not add some Mediterranean decorating ideas to your living room to warm up your Philly home? To get the ideas flowing, close your eyes for a minute. Think about all of the beautiful landscapes and scenery that are characteristic of the Mediterranean and how these ideas can be incorporated into your living room space.

Start with Your Walls
To start things off, paint your walls the colors of both the land and the sea. For example, try vibrant sea-blue painted walls with one accent wall that’s painted a rich chocolate or deep red color. You can even layer Moroccan stenciling over your freshly painted walls for an added touch of the Mediterranean. Another idea is to contrast two shades of terracotta paint for a more “sultry” effect.

Large mirrors surrounded by framed family photos are also very common in Mediterranean decor, and for a traditional touch hang tapestries, like colorful Middle Eastern inspired rugs, on the wall.

Placement of Furniture
Mediterranean cultures emphasize the importance of family and social interaction with loved ones, so rearrange your living room furniture together in a more intimate fashion to encourage family bonding. Add warm-colored throws and pillows to the sofas and chairs to create a more comfy and relaxed feel in your living room. Finish off your traditional Mediterranean-inspired interior design by adding a mahogany coffee table topped with a silver tea set.

Flooring and Lighting Ideas
In the Mediterranean region, rugs are extremely popular for home decor. Look for rugs that have an attractive medallion motif or sea colors like turquoise, Mediterranean blue, and sea green. Make sure that the rugs that you pick complement the color scheme that you have already chosen for your living room. It is also acceptable in Mediterranean decor to layer your rugs. If you have a hallway leading up to the living room area, pave it with terracotta tiles so that you feel as if you’re walking into a Spanish gazebo. As for your lighting, hang finely detailed candle lanterns to add to your living room’s Mediterranean appeal.

When attempting to incorporate Mediterranean decorating ideas into your living room, remember that they should always be centered around the idea of family bonding. Make your living room a place where you can comfortably enjoy family night or just light conversations with your loved ones — a nice break from the hectic city life. In the Mediterranean region, many cultures focus on closeness, sharing meals, being festive, and celebrating old traditions, so modern technology like a television should not be a key factor in your decor. Your ultimate goal is to encourage communication and togetherness between your family and friends.

Image Source: Flickr/Emily May


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