Most Expensive Apartments in NYC

If you’ve always wondered what exactly the most expensive apartments in NYC are like, you’re not alone. Many people wonder what the apartments behind NYC’s most luxurious buildings look like. Here’s the scoop on two of the city’s most opulent buildings.

If you’ve always wondered what the most expensive apartments in NYC actually look like on the inside, you’re not alone. There’s a reason that people set their DVRs to watch real estate shows like Selling New York on HGTV. Carrie’s fabulous apartment (with that ridiculously amazing apartment-sized closet that Big had built for her) in the Sex and the City movie was as memorable a character in the film as Charlotte or Miranda. People are obsessed with seeing the homes of New Yorkers with truly unlimited housing budgets. These buyers are the ones that hire top architects like Yuuki Kitada or top interior designers like Jeffrey Bilhuber to make their already-fabulous apartments look even more fabulous.

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520 Park Avenue

Referred to as the “15 Central Park West of the Upper East Side” by none other than Arthur Zeckendorf himself (one of the developers for both buildings), 520 Park Avenue is the newest building on the block. Billionaires around the world have their sights set on the yet-to-be-completed Robert A.M. Stern–designed building going up at 60th Street and Park Avenue. The building will be home to what is rumored to become Manhattan’s most expensive apartment: a $130 million triplex penthouse condo. Now, this soon-to-be palatial pad may not be the decadently lavish One Hyde Park in London, home to the world’s most expensive apartment (it sold for £140 million — that’s over $200 million for those of us on this side of the pond), but it will still be worthy of some pretty hefty bragging rights.

Set to occupy the top three floors of the building, the place will be huge: With over 12,000 square feet of living space, there will be no lines waiting for the bathroom in the morning. The 1,257-square-foot terrace could easily house two average NYC apartments and another terrace, and still have room to spare. Each residence features white oak hardwood floors in a herringbone pattern with overlays and exquisite marble (10 different types will be available). When residents arrive home at the end of the day, they’ll be greeted by enter a grand lobby outfitted with limestone floors, 25-foot Venetian plaster ceilings, a cozy limestone fireplace, and bronze detailing. The building is due to be completed in 2017. If you don’t score the penthouse, there will be 30 other apartments in the building up for grabs.

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15 Central Park West

Before there was 520 Park Avenue, there was 15 Central Park West. Completed in 2008, the building quickly became the city’s most exclusive apartment building, home of the (then-) most expensive apartments in NYC and the must-have address for billionaires and celebrities from London to Hollywood to Bangkok. The building is split into two parts: The tower off Central Park West is 19 stories tall and is usually referred to as “the house,” while the 35-story half of the complex faces Broadway. How fabulous is the building? When your super earns well over half a million dollars a year before tips, you know you’re living somewhere pretty amazing. And when residents move in, they take the already-breathtaking apartments and make them even more phenomenal. If you want to find out more, Michael Gross’s delicious book about the building, House of Outrageous Fortune, spills all the beans.

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