Nature Trails: Dallas Outdoor Fun

Discover the best nature trails around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Find out how these nature trails and preserves differ from others in the area. Determine which preserve to visit based on your preferences and goals.

Nature trails located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can provide a much-needed excursion from the hustle and bustle of big city life. While there are a number of different trails from which to choose when entertaining a small trip into the great outdoors, a few preserves stand out from the rest based on their locations and special attributes. While you may bring back a few mosquito bites as souvenirs, the sights and sounds you experience at these preserves will last a lifetime.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

When it comes to hiking and taking in natural scenes, bigger can be better. At Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve in Dallas, you’ll be treated to over 600 wide acres of earthly beauty. This vast expanse allows the preserve to offer areas tailored to people based on their level of hiking expertise. You’ll be able to choose to walk along trails designed for novices or experienced hikers. For a more laid-back experience, visit the site’s butterfly garden to be tickled by wind and wings. Top off your day in nature with bird-watching and a picnic in an outdoor amphitheater for a great way to get back to basics.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

In Plano, Texas, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve stands in all of its natural glory. This 200-acre park encourages visitors to explore with no fear of boundaries. A complex trail system offers visitors variety each time they come to the preserve. Off-road bicyclists interested in a no-limits adventure can ride along the special sections of the preserve dedicated to mountain bike traffic. Children are sure to enjoy a playground built to entertain young nature enthusiasts.

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Step into a chapter of the past at the Forth Worth Nature Center and Refuge. With approximately 20 miles of hiking trails spread across over 3,000 acres, this refuge offers a picture-perfect snapshot into the land’s natural history. Prairies, forests, and wetlands remain virtually untouched for visitors to experience and city-dwellers to appreciate. Education programs hosted by the Refuge make hiking and exploring the natural wonders of the area as illuminating as it is awe-inspiring. Summer classes for kids provide an extended learning experience for children interested in nature, the environment, and conservation.

Twelve Hills Nature Center

The Twelve Hills Nature Center in Oak Cliff offers a unique experience for nature-lovers. Unlike many of the nature trails found in other parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the trails found in this preserve are located on rolling terrain. This allows for an uncommon nature trail experience, which provides interesting vantage points for photography and a potentially extra challenging hiking path for those looking to conquer new ground.

Image Source: Flickr/Doug Kerr


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