Home Security Monitoring Tips for Vacation Season

Summer is prime vacation season in the Philadelphia area, but did you know that it is also the most popular time for home burglaries? Don’t forget to think about home security monitoring before you go out of town.

Summer is prime vacation season in the Philadelphia area, but did you know that it’s also the most popular time for home burglaries? According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the greatest number of home break-ins are reported during the month of July. If you already have an alarm system, you may want to check with your monitoring company before your next trip and ask about adding new features such as motion detectors or cameras. If you don’t have a system installed, many self-install options are available at local home improvement and electronics retailers.

Self-Install Home Security Monitoring Features

If you don’t have a wired security system in your home, you may want to use a combination of self-installed cameras and motion detectors for home security monitoring while you’re away. Products like Netgear’s Vuezone offer wireless cameras which can be used to remotely monitor your home from a laptop or smart device. Vuezone cameras can also be moved around the house to provide views of different rooms as needed. Before purchasing any additional equipment, remember to ask about the cost of any required service plans or monitoring services.

Sit on the Beach and Talk to Your Pets

Do you want to check up on your pets while you’re away and make sure they aren’t chewing apart your furniture? Systems such as Dropcam allow you to communicate directly with your furry friends from a remote location. Another product soon to be on the market, PetChatz, claims to allow you to remotely reward your cat or dog with treats for their good behavior while you’re out of town.

Low-Cost Home Security Tips

If you don’t have a professionally installed security system, you can still take actions to ensure your home’s security when you’re away. Timers for the lights both inside and outside your home are an inexpensive way to disguise your absence. Also, before leaving your house, check the locks on your first-floor windows and doors.

Pets, especially barking dogs, are another deterrent for potential intruders. Consider leaving your dog home and hiring a dog walker or dog sitter to spend time in your house during the day. Remember to temporarily stop your mail and newspapers to avoid a pileup of paperwork alerting others to your absence. Lastly, work with neighbors to check on each other’s homes. Share contact information with a few people living nearby and ask them to call or text if they see anything suspicious.

In this age of high-tech home security monitoring, it’s easy to find a great, affordable system to meet your needs. But don’t forget the easy low-cost, low-tech solutions to give you additional peace of mind.

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