Home Security Monitoring and Other Vacation Safety Tips

A vacation should be a relaxing time. Don’t spend your holiday worrying about your home safety. Learn about home security monitoring and other commonsense ways to make sure your home isn’t a temptation to burglars when you go away.

The last thing you want to worry about while on vacation is the safety of your home. Can thieves break into your home? Are you a target? Rather than trust in luck and hope nothing will happen to your home and valuables while you’re gone, be proactive and install the best security system available on your budget. Furthermore, while home security monitoring is a good way to make sure thieves stay away from your home, it’s not the only step you should take before going on vacation.

Fool the Thieves

If a crew of burglars thinks it’s possible that you’re home, they’ll pass by your house and move on to another, easier target. Your goal should be to make your home appear as occupied as possible. Close the curtains and blinds only partially, especially in the front of the house. Get timers and put them on your lamps, televisions, and stereos. Have the post office hold your mail until you return home. If you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, ask a neighbor to mow the lawn for you (and return the favor when you get back).

Make it Look Secure

A well-maintained home looks like it houses people who care about their property. Keep the paint and trim in good repair, and trim the hedges on a regular basis. Scrub the sidewalks, and put out a fresh doormat. Add extra touches along the lines of decorative flower pots or planters. If your house looks like it’s cared for, thieves may assume you have a good security system installed and on that account pass it by for an easier mark.

True Security

Make sure every door and window in the house is locked tight, including bedroom windows, garage doors, and attic windows. Don’t forget small bathroom windows; determined thieves sometimes keep someone around who specializes in crawling through smaller spaces. Purchase a home security monitoring system complete with keypads and 24-hour live monitoring.

Change your system’s security codes on a regular basis in case casual visitors manage to hear or see you entering the code. When the alarm company installs your system, request that they put window stickers on all sides of the house and that they install lawn signs in the middle of the grass to call attention to your alarm system. Test the system a couple of times before you leave for vacation, and double-check it before you drive away.


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