iSensor HD: For the Security Conscious Home

High tech home security that’s as simple as installing a doorbell.

I grew up in a house that beeped every time you opened a door to the outside. Evidently it was a security system feature to let you know someone was entering or exiting the house. Made it extremely difficult to sneak out at night, but that system might as well be from the Flinstones era with the new home security systems being unveiled at CES this week.

Netherlands-based, Amaryllo International, boasts the world’s smallest home security system they call the iSensor HD. It’s an easy to install security camera that offers 240 degree panning, mobile push alerts with visuals when alarm is triggered and 256-bit encryption.

For me the biggest question is how easy is it to install? From the looks of it the iSensor HD is about as simple as installing a new wireless doorbell. Hang it on a wall. Connect it to your home network. Then setup the app and system to the settings you want.

The iSensor HD is being promoted for use both at home or even at an office, but can it compete with the likes of DropCam? Only time will tell, but iSensor appears to be as simple as it gets.

Here’s a video highlighting some of the basics of what iSensor HD can do:

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