New York City Living: Solar Power NYC Style

Solar power has become a prevalent and viable energy source for New Yorkers. Whether enjoying life at home or taking a jaunt out and about in the city that never sleeps, there are great solar energy sources available.

Solar power has become a prevalent and viable energy source for New Yorkers. Whether enjoying life at home or taking a jaunt out and about in the city that never sleeps, there are great solar energy sources available. From special shades to cool tech devices, those who live in and enjoy the Big Apple can appreciate solar power alternatives that will help to make New York City living even more enjoyable and also save some cash.

Shade for Cool Living

Solar shades will not only add beauty as window treatments, but they will also help the New York City dweller save energy and dollars. In the summer, the special shades work to reflect heat away from inside, making it more efficient to cool. For the colder months, the beautiful shades will work their magic to help keep the warmth inside the abode, lowering heating costs. Available in an array of styles and designs, solar shades will fit perfectly within any NYC decor. Layer them adorned with drapery for an even more formal appeal.

Lighting by Solar Power

The solar industry is adding innovative ideas to not only enhance the decor but also to help light it up. MPOWERD is a New York City business ready to help light the way with their pioneering Luci lights. The little cylinder lights come in several choices from Luci Color, which play in several colors for party fun, to an elegant frosted finish Luci Lux fixture, as well as the clear Luci Original. No batteries or cords are needed for these lightweight lights. City dwellers can simply sit the small fixtures in the sun for them to gain their power, then set them atop tables and shelves to allow them to light the way. Group the Luci lights for an elegant centerpiece. These solar lights are waterproof, making them the perfect accent lighting for the bathroom and terrace as well.

Solar Power On the Go

New Yorkers are always running. On the go all of the time also means needing power to recharge smart phones and other energy zapping gear. Cool new devices have made life easier for living the fast Big Apple lifestyle. The Solartab Portable Solar Charger is approximately the size of an iPad, allowing for easy carrying as well as the perfect on the go charging system. Sold in NYC at AC Gears, the store touts, “It features a high capacity 13,000 mAh rechargeable battery; enough to fully recharge an iPhone six times.”

Plug in Solar Power

Most New Yorkers do not have the luxury of owning their abodes in order to install solar panels. Sunport has now made it possible for anyone to use solar energy to power up with their easy plug in solar delivery device. The easy-to-order small adapter syncs with a Bluetooth enabled IOS or Android smart phone to be used at home as well as on the go. Simply plug in the Sunport to any outlet and watch for the LED to flash green for available solar. Devices plugged in will then be measured for energy usage in order to be matched to real solar power. Any New Yorker can now help the city to be aglow with the assistance of power from the sun.


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