NYC Apartment Rentals: The Basics

NYC Apartment rentals can be quite an overwhelming task. It’s hard enough to get an apartment in the first place in New York City. However, once you have found the right one, there might be some things you want to think about prior to signing that lease.

Everyone knows it’s difficult to get an apartment in New York City. Just the thought of NYC apartment rentals can induce a wave of anxiety in some people. However, once you have found the right one, there might be some things you want to think about before signing that lease. Here are some basics about NYC apartment rentals to think about:

Know What You Are Looking For

  • Can you afford this apartment? Is this in your price range? Although it might be nice and you can afford the lump sum of first and last month’s rent, is this a place you will be able to maintain comfortably for the long term? Expect a modest apartment to cost anywhere between $1800 and $2500 per month. Some will include utilities, but most will not. So, be sure to include those when factoring in costs.
  • Make sure you begin looking at least one to two months prior to your move. It can take some time to find the perfect fit.
  • Think about the actual moving process. If you get an apartment on the third floor and it’s a walk up, how is that going to affect you when it comes time to move? Do you have heavy furniture that you’re going to need to get up three flights of stairs? You might want to check with the building supervisor to make sure there is help available or a freight elevator when it comes time to move in.
  • Do your research. Although New York City might feel small to those who live there, it’s a huge city with a variety of neighborhoods and apartments. Living uptown will have a completely different feel and different people than living in SoHo, which is known for its younger crowd. Make sure you find a place that is suited for you and whoever you might be living with.

Secure the Apartment

  • Have your pay stubs, bank statements, a check book, and letter(s) from previous landlords. Any references and/or work letters might also affect how the landlord sees you and could help you get a better rate or move in a lot quicker.
  • Show up ready to write a check for a deposit of one month’s rent. Sometimes they will ask for first and last month’s rent. Be sure to ask so you will have the correct amount of money on hand before walking in.
  • Carefully inspect the layout of the New York apartment rental. Pay close attention to the overall quality of the space as well as the feel of the interior. When moving in, the landlord will most likely have you sign a document saying you inspected the place fully (if there is undocumented damage when you move out, you will be responsible). Make sure to double check everything and note any little problem you might see before moving in.

Sign the Lease

  • This is very important: Know what kind of lease you are signing. In the world of New York City apartment rentals, you’ll run across different types of leases from short-term and rent stabilized to standard and self extending. Read your lease carefully and take your time before signing anything.
  • Check to see if you are allowed to sublet (in case you need to move short-term for work), and see what the requirements are if you cancel the lease early.

If you follow some of these basic rules, you will have a much smoother move when it comes to NYC apartment rentals.


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  1. Jean Joubert Mathon
    September 15, 2017

    I’am looking to relocate to New York state, my preference Westchester County, Yonkers, New, Rochelle, Rye, Mount Vernon etc
    860-788-6465 (Home) 860-637-9082, Alternate sister number 718-528-0847. Iam looking for 1 bedroom, bath.


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