Parents of Young Children are Leading the Smart Home Charge

A recent survey revealed that many parents with young kids are eager to adopt smart home technology. Here are answers to some common questions parents may have about smart home technology.


A new Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET survey found that American parents are embracing  smart home technology at almost double the rate of those without children.

Having to juggle multiple responsibilities at once, it’s easy to understand why parents with young kids need extra help. If you’re a parent considering smart home technology, here are answers to questions you may have:

Will smart home products keep my family safe? 78 percent of parents surveyed said security is top of mind when considering smart technology for the home. Products like the Nest Dropcam security camera and security solutions can provide peace of mind.

Is the technology going to simplify my daily routine? 87 percent of adults surveyed said new technologies are making daily chores easier. Automatic temperature controls like the Nest Thermostat, remote control keys such as the August Smart Lock and enhanced light controls like those offered by Lutron are some examples of new technologies saving parents time.

Will smart products save me money? 45 percent of Americans are happy to report that smart home products save them over $1,100 a year. In fact, people who used the Nest Thermostat saved an average of 10-12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills.

Are smart home products easy to control? The smart phone is the remote control of the future. 76 percent of Americans that have smart devices control them using their mobile device.

Parents of young children purchase smart home products because of the benefits they provide their families, including saving time, saving money and providing peace of mind. These technologies allow parents to spend less time on chores and more time having fun with their families!

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