Philadelphia Attractions Delight Residents

New residents fall in love with Philadelphia attractions, which combine historical charm with a big-city vibe. The downtown area alone offers many advantages, such as nightlife, shopping, arts and culture, and fine dining.

Philadelphia is often viewed as simply the city between New York and Washington DC, but this very characteristic makes the area a prime location. Traveling up and down the Northeast Corridor is as easy and convenient as hopping on an Amtrak train at 30th Street Station. Among other Philadelphia attractions is the size of its downtown in comparison to other major metropolitan areas. Many new residents fall in love with the Center City district, a blend of intimate, historical charm and modern, big-city bustle — with plenty of options for nightlife, shopping, culture, and fine dining.

Rich History Adds of Philadelphia’s Unique Charm

Philadelphians are proud of their city’s historical significance. Both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed in Independence Hall, now a major tourist attraction. Independence National Historic Park, which includes Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, reports over 3.5 million visitors in 2012. Many other historic structures from the Revolutionary period have also been preserved and are easily viewable during a walking tour of the city.

Art & Culture

According to the most recent State of Center City report, Philadelphia ranks second among America’s largest cities in the number of arts and cultural institutions per resident. A quick stroll down the Avenue of the Arts provides a hint of what Philadelphia attractions are available. Resident companies at the stunning Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts include the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philly Pops, and the Pennsylvania Ballet. The city also teems with museums, from the science-themed Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Sciences to the ultra-kid-friendly Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the nation’s most renowned.


Philadelphia’s restaurants offer something for everyone, from vegans to foodies to cheesesteak and pizza connoisseurs. Iron Chef Jose Garces operates seven restaurants in Philadelphia, while famous restaurateur Stephen Star operates over 20 restaurants, including one featuring Iron Chef Morimoto. Casual fare is also popular in Philadelphia, and on warm-weather days, many restaurants provide al fresco dining for patrons.

Getting Around

Philadelphia’s city transit system carries approximately 625,000 passengers back and forth to work each day using a combination of buses, rail lines, and subways. The city also ranks high in walkability. In fact, 44 percent of Center City residents walk or bike to work, while another 22 percent take city transportation.

City Parks

Philadelphia’s wide-ranging parks and recreation system is designed to give residents an opportunity to play. Fairmount Park alone comprises 9,200 acres of the city’s land. Many Center City residents like to run along Kelly Drive, near the famous Boathouse Row, also a great vantage point for watching the sun set.

The popular attractions listed above are only a few of the many advantages offered to city residents. If you’re considering a move to Philadelphia, take the time to explore the downtown area and discover many more reasons why residents are so passionate about their hometown.

Photo Source: Flickr/Rebecca Wilson


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