Pool Maintenance Steps to Get Your Pool Summer Ready

As spring turns to summer, it’s helpful to know the basic pool maintenance steps to prep your pool for the season ahead. Read this blog post for ideas to get your pool in pristine condition after a long winter of not being used.

As spring turns to summer, it’s helpful to know the basic pool maintenance steps to prep your pool for the season ahead. After a long winter, that water isn’t ready for diving into just yet. But it will be — after you run through these steps to get your pool primed and back into pristine condition.

Turn Everything On

If your pool equipment has been dormant all winter long, turn it on and see if it’s still quiet and free of leaks. Be sure to look at the concrete pad under the pump to see if it gets wet. Leaks are cheaper and easier to repair when they’re small and if you catch them early.

Do a Top-Level Clean Up

You can leave your pool cover on for this pool maintenance step. (You do have one, right? If not, here’s where to get pool covers in Dallas.) Your goal here is to clean out all the baskets, remove any plugs that are in place, and assemble the filtration system.

Clean Your Filter

There are three types of pool filters: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE). Each one needs periodic cleaning depending on how often it’s used and what kind it is. Just don’t clean it more often than recommended, as this can hamper the filtration process. Here’s a good article that details how to clean a pool filter.

Go To the Pros

Here’s a pool maintenance step that requires minimal work on your end: Bring a water sample to a pool store. They’ll test (often for free) the mineral content of the water, and the pH and chlorine levels. Then you’ll know what needs to be adjusted and by how much. See? Simple.

Get Your Tile in Tiptop Shape

Many pool owners remember to routinely vacuum as a way to keep the water clean, but they often overlook the tiles. It’s important to remember to brush the tiles and the walls to reduce the growth of algae and other calcium deposits. Stiff brushes work best on plaster-lined concrete pools, while you’ll want to opt for a softer brush if your pool has vinyl or fiberglass walls.

Do a Safety Check

Before opening your pool for the summer season, don’t forget to consider safety elements. Do you have all the standard pool safety equipment: a rescue hook, lifesaver ring, and first-aid kit? If your pool has a gate around it, be sure all the latches and locks are working properly. You’ll also need to install anti-entrapment covers in your pool.

If your DFW home has a pool in the backyard, follow the steps above to get it all set for summer. Do you have a pool maintenance tip to share? Leave a comment below!

Image Source: Flickr/Photo Monkey


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