Rental Decorating Ideas: Personalize Your Apartment and Still Keep Your Security Deposit

Many renters in the DFW area worry about decorating their leased spaces permanently because it can affect whether or not a security deposit is refunded. Fortunately, with the right tools and some creativity, you can make any space your own.

Are you in search of rental decorating ideas that won’t affect your security deposit? Most Dallas-Fort Worth rentals feature white or neutral walls, light carpeting, and standard features. While this helps rentals appeal to the masses, your apartment may be missing personal touches that help you feel at home. Many renters in the DFW area worry about decorating their leased spaces permanently because it can affect whether or not a security deposit is refunded. This situation may leave people feeling like adding colorful and personal touches is a no-go, but with a little creativity and the right tools, any rental can be transformed into a unique space to call home.

Hang Pictures and Decor Without Nails

Holes in the walls are a quick way to lose a security deposit — especially if they’re large. This conundrum might make a renter shy away from hanging pictures or wall art, but there are alternatives to banging nails in the wall. Consider using adhesive strips and hooks to hang your favorite portraits and art. Command offers a host of products for hanging wall art without the need for screws and nails. Products like this will allow you to decorate the walls of your apartment without damage.

Use Sticky Decals and Adhesive Art to Decorate Walls

In recent years, adhesive decals and sticky wall art with positive affirmations and inspiring quotations have become more commonplace in homes and rentals. This type of wall decor leaves behind no holes and is easily removed. You can find adhesive wall art at big retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also shop for adhesive wall decor online at and

Focus on Tabletops and Shelving

If you desire pops of color throughout your apartment but know that painting walls is forbidden by your lease agreement, try adding decorative touches to shelves and tabletops. For example, a brightly colored vase or unique trinkets can add life to dull white rooms. By placing items on shelves and tables, you can incorporate your personal style and flare without permanently altering your apartment.

Add Color and Texture with Rugs, Pillows, and Throws

To soften up your rental and customize your space, consider decorating with fabrics. Better Homes and Gardens recommends using plush area rugs to break up the monotony of light wall-to-wall carpeting. Throw blankets and textured pillows also add more than color to a space. They can create an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

These decorating tips can help you customize practically any apartment in the DFW Metroplex. With this short list, hopefully your rental decorating ideas won’t be thwarted by the stipulations of your leasing agreement.

Image Source: Flickr/Kenny Corbin


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