Scandify! Scandinavian Style for Your Home


Scandinavian style is HUGE, and with good reason. It’s a clean, simple, and beautiful aesthetic that can bring a peaceful, harmonious vibe to the rooms it’s used in. Check out these tips on how to Scandify your own space.


You’ve most likely seen Scandinavian-style interior design, even if you’re not sure what it is. Those gorgeous apartments in shelter magazines like Livingetc or Dwell that are decked out with white walls, white furnishings, white rugs, white … you get the idea. That’s Scandinavian — or Scandi — style. Blogs like My Scandinavian Home are devoted to the style. Scandinavian style is sometimes interpreted as an absence of color, but a better definition would be an abundance of white and earthy neutral colors and textures that are found in nature.

Designers and architects ranging from Arne Jacobsen to Hans J. Wegner were at the forefront of the insanely popular Scandinavian design movement that formed its core from the 1930s to the 1970s. Scandinavians prefer simple, bright, soft, and cheery interiors that celebrate nature. Scandinavian design has the added benefit of elevating and soothing people’s moods during the notoriously long and dark Nordic winters. If Scandinavian style was pure white, it would get tiring quickly. The reason it’s so popular is because it’s more than simply monochromatic; it’s a seemingly effortless design style that evokes peace and a quiet energy. Check out below to find out how you can bring this design style into your own home.

Play with and Layer Textures

Even if you’re a color purist and have decided to go with a mostly white color palette, you can create a beautiful, visually arresting space by layering different textures of the same color around the room. Whether you’re dealing with linen-covered sofas or faux-fur throws or bleached wooden tables, you can create a room that is alive with texture and movement versus one that simply reads as “white.”

Choose Furnishings with Simple Lines

One of the key characteristics of Scandinavian design is furniture that’s beautiful and simple without being fussy, overdone, or bulky. It’s all about choosing pieces that contribute to the comfort of the occupants of the home. Elegant, cozy sofas are a signature piece in many Scandinavian-style homes. They can be made of anything from beautiful, tailored white linen to soft, buttery cognac-colored leather. Whether your pocketbook can support Scandinavian furniture companies like Jensen or you’re more comfortable springing for choice Ikea pieces, you can find furnishings that can help you complete the Scandinavian look you’re going for. Pieces like gorgeous, simply lined coffee tables made of wood or glass will enhance your space without overwhelming it.

Add Color through Accessories

If you take a look at the most beautiful Scandinavian-style homes, you’ll see that many of the best ones have found a way to introduce gorgeous color into their rooms. They’re not colorless at all. Many of them do so through the use of carefully chosen accessories, such as colorful framed paintings by favorite artists or brightly hued side chairs and other small furnishings.

Image Source: Flickr/Daniel Tomczak


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