Sell Your Philly Home: Home Staging Tips

What’s the secret to a quick home sale? Staging. If you want people to seriously consider buying your Philly home, you want to present your home in the best possible light. Here are a few tips to help you out.

People who are looking to buy a home in Philadelphia are typically looking for a place that knocks their socks off and is really impressive from the moment they step through the door. When you’re selling your home, you want to think like a journalist and find a way to hook a potential buyer from the start; otherwise, they’ll lose interest and you’ll lose the sale. How you set up and stage your home when presenting it to potential buyers is key to eventually selling it. These home staging tips will help you hook a buyer and sell your Philly home quickly.

Go Pro or DIY?
There are numerous home staging companies in Philadelphia, with reviews both positive and negative on places like Yelp or Angie’s List. Whether you work with a professional stager or do-it-yourself depends on your preference. If you love arranging furniture and cleaning up, you’re probably better off taking the DIY route, as it will save you money. But, if the thought of arranging, organizing, and decorating your home leaves you in a cold sweat or you just aren’t sure where to start, getting some input and home staging tips from a pro can be the better bet. It might cost you more out-of-pocket, but it can be worth it if you get a better offer on your home.

Where to Focus

Some areas of the home need more focus than others, as they are the areas buyers tend to hone in on. Start with the front of your home, as it’s what people see first. Sweep up any litter from the sidewalk, make sure any plants you have outside are doing well in their pots, and consider repainting the steps and your front door, if needed. Once the outside is spiffed up, focus on the kitchen, bedrooms, and closet space, as those areas are what buyers will gravitate towards.


When staging your home, remember that it’s all about the buyer. People looking at your space during an open house or tour want to be able to picture themselves living there. They can’t do that if there are photos of you and your loved ones throughout the home or a lot of personal artwork or other decorative touches. Remember that staging isn’t about showcasing your personal taste. It’s about presenting your home in as neutral a light as possible. Pack away the personal photos, artwork, and other details that help your home reflect who you are.

Less is More

While you don’t want to show people an empty home, you also don’t want to show a house that is packed to the gills with stuff. Limit the amount of furniture in each room to the essentials, such as a couch, a chair, and a coffee table in the living room and a bed, nightstand, and dresser in the bedroom and a dining table and chairs in the eating area. Warm up the space by putting just one or two decorative objects in each room. If you’re the type to put lots and lots of potted plants in front of your house, now is the time to scale back. Pick no more than three of the healthiest plants to arrange by your doorway to welcome potential buyers in.

After your home is set up, take a walk through and see how you feel. Note anything that jumps out at you, such as a pile of mail on the counter or a dusty corner, then go ahead and clean up those areas. You can also ask people you know to tour your home and give you feedback.


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