Smart Home Spotlight: Entertainment

From UHD to 4K to telescoping shelving. That’s right…telescoping.

“Are you not entertained???”

While I harness my inner General Maximus from Gladiator, it’s a question every homeowner asks themselves at some point. Walking down the aisles of Best Buy can be a temptress to the entertainment-minded homeowner, but there’s also the voice of buyer’s remorse that echoes in the back of your mind. What’s the right buy? Will I be satisfied? What if something even better comes out in another month?

All valid questions, but that’s why we went to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. To help you answer those nagging smart home questions and today, we’re sharing the best of the entertainment side of smart home technology.


N’Finity Pro HDX 38 Dual Zone Wine Cellar – You weren’t thinking of a wine cellar as entertainment were you? Well, if you’re entertaining the wine crowd this dual zone, state of the art device is just the addition you were looking for. The N’finity Pro is the most advanced wine cellar in the market. Equipped with an energy saving cooling system, telescoping shelving (of course you need telescoping shelving!) and dual zone cooling, this smart wine cellar will take care of all your wine storage needs in the most cost efficient way!


Vizio 60″ P-Series Smart TV – Ah Vizio. You consistently produce great products at affordable pricing when compared to the competition. This Ultra HD TV is crystal clear and lets you stream all your favorite apps, watch shows in UHD quality and use UHD playback from next generation cable and satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and more. Basically, it will make you think you have season tickets to whatever sports game you’re watching and you will feel the sarcasm in your bones emanating from James Spader when watching The Blacklist.


Roku TCL Smart TV– The Roku Smart TV debuted at CES 2014 and quickly became a favorite because of its price and comprehensive smart TV features, such as its selection of apps, clear interface and simple remote. Recently, Roku announced plans to support 4K UHD streaming in future models. Despite having more tech acronyms packed into a paragraph than you’ve ever seen, trust me this is a great buy.


DishWorld TV App – While intended for international audiences, the DishWorld app allows viewers to stream live TV on any smart phone, computer or tablet. The app can be used on Roku, Slingbox, Samsung Smart TV, Apple, Windows, or Google Play devices. If you’re considering a 4K TV, you should also purchase the new Dish 4K receiver, which has technology to connect to the Home Video Network for satellite programming and DVR services via Hopper or Hopper with Sling. The future of TV everywhere is no longer in the future.

Got a smart home entertainment device we didn’t mention? Let us know what’s on your wish list in the comments.

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