Some Signs You Live in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida is a little bit southern and a little bit of its own unique brand. There are things you experience here that you will never find anywhere else. People who live in Jacksonville have their very own way of doing things.

Visitors might think that Jacksonville, Florida is just another part of the Deep South, but they would be very wrong. Something magical happens when you come down I-75 and cross the state border, spotting that “Welcome to Florida” sign. People who live in Jacksonville have their very own way of doing things; they are somewhat southern and laid back and somewhat more of a unique brand.

Your Birthday Dinner is Made of Python and Kangaroo

People come to Jacksonville just to eat at Clark’s Fish Camp, and it has been a special-occasion venue for more than 30 years. This classic fish camp offers indoor seating and outdoor tables right by the creek. The decor at Clark’s Fish Camp fits in with the menu, featuring one of the largest collections of taxidermy in the United States. The menu is just as exotic as the decorations; the fare includes appetizers of shark bites, fried rabbit, and charred antelope. You will have a hard time deciding on your main course when you see the menu featuring meals of python snake, kangaroo, ostrich, antelope, or smoked eel. Add the freshest seafood around, and you have true Jacksonville style.

Your Favorite Color is Turquoise

Some of the most devoted football fans in the country live in Jacksonville, and they all practically bleed Jaguars turquoise. Tailgate parties are legendary, and those who are not lucky enough to get tickets have dozens of friends over to create their own version right at home. It is not unusual to see cars and SUVs decorated with team colors and logos while team flags fly high on game day over many Jacksonville homes.

You Can Go Barefoot Anywhere

Jacksonville and the surrounding area have one of the most relaxed dress code policies in the country. Most business establishments go by the rule of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!” It is not unusual to see people without shoes shopping at the grocery store, strolling in the mall, and even eating in restaurants. It is a rare spot that does not see some barefoot patrons on a daily basis.

You Can Go Months without Ever Seeing Roadkill

It’s not that Jacksonville drivers are more observant of our fuzzy little friends and avoid them more skillfully on the roads; it’s just that the Jacksonville area has a huge population of very hungry vultures. Once an animal gets hit by a car, the birds swoop in and take care of it, often in a matter of hours. Roadkill is rarely spotted thanks to these hungry birds.


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