The Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Guide to Decorating

Showing your Jacksonville Jaguars love doesn’t have to mean taking over the whole house. Some parts of the home fit better with team decor than others. Learn how to show your team love while keeping the fan decor tasteful and fun.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars are your team, you want everyone to know it. The biggest football fans want to show their team pride year round, but when introducing this into your home decor, a tricky compromise with other family members’ tastes may be needed. Even if you turn turquoise every Sunday afternoon, you can still use some restraint while showing your Jaguar love in home decor. Instead of going for an all out fan design for your whole house, choose select spots throughout your home to show off your fandom. You’ll keep your Jaguar love intact while staying on the right side of the line between kitschy and interesting.

Your Office

Whether your office has its own room or is simply a desk in the corner, a personalized decorating scheme is fair game here. Choose a desk chair that’s Jaguar turquoise to emphasize the tone. Place a team banner on the wall above your desk and light your work with an official Jacksonville Jaguars desk lamp. Use a team travel alarm as your office clock and corral your pencils and pens in a Jaguar coffee mug.

The Patio or Pool Enclosure

Patios and pool enclosures are meant for fun, which suggests a light and amusing decorating scheme. Give the patio furniture thick cushions in Jaguars’ turquoise and add a stack of pool towels in turquoise and white stripes. Hang team banners against the wall to bring home the logo and serve drinks in plastic team cups. Replica football helmets make great bowls for serving chips and other snacks, while strategically placed Jaguar lawn gnomes can look on from every corner of the area.

Game Day

Decorating for game day doesn’t mean changing the decor of the entire house – it just means adding some temporary accents to show off your love for the team. Wrap porch posts with Jaguars column wraps and decorate the fence with team bunting strands. This tells everyone in the neighborhood how to find the Jacksonville Jaguars fan central. Toss a pile of oversized turquoise pillows on the floor for friends who can’t find room on the couch. Hang banners on the walls to get everyone in the mood for the game and serve game day drinks and snacks in team logo cups and bowls and platters.

Game day is the one day of the week that you can go overboard with team decorating, as it’s all temporary and can be packed away until next week’s game party.


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