Football Decorations: Show Your Jaguars Pride


The true Jacksonville Jaguars fan shows his or her love for the team in every way possible. Find out ways to decorate your living room in Jacksonville Jaguars fashion — without making your house look like a sports bar.


There are fans, and then there are true fans. Let’s say you’re the kind that has turquoise blood in your veins. Your love for the Jacksonville Jaguars knows no bounds, and you show it every time you celebrate game day Sunday in your home. A diehard fan like you deserves a party room dedicated to the game. Why not turn your living room into Jaguar Central?

That doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with football decorations; after all, you probably don’t want to make your house resemble a sports bar. But you can have unobtrusive decor that still celebrates your team. For example, one of the good things about living in Jacksonville is that tropical turquoise is a natural color in interior decorating. Your fan friends will know exactly why you chose that color scheme, but to the rest of the world you just look like you have great taste.


Buying major pieces of furniture in a bright and distinct color can be a design decision you’ll regret. You can only take purple or turquoise for so long on a daily basis. This is why most furniture comes in calm, neutral tones. People do get bored, though, and like a splash of color now and then.

You might want to get one bright piece of furniture as an accent to the room, or else you can use slipcovers for a temporary change. Cotton duck slipcovers exist for every furniture style, in a rainbow of colors. A custom made Jaguars-turquoise slipcover for your couch or favorite easy chair is a comfortable way to add team flavor to the living room, and also protect against game-day snack spills. If you have a hard time finding the right color, get a plain white one and easily dye your slipcover using a washing machine.


Unlike major pieces of furniture, you can keep colorful accents around in plain sight all year long. Show your team spirit with subtle football decorations that fit right in with the rest of your decor. Begin with bright team-colored throw pillows for the couch or floor. If you have a desk in the room, use a Jaguars coffee mug as a pencil holder.

Turquoise candles look good on the coffee table and do double duty as emergency lighting during frequent Jacksonville storms. Add a touch of whimsy by installing a fish bowl or fish tank with team logo accessories and even turquoise and black rocks at the bottom of the tank. A photograph of EverBank Field makes a perfect finishing touch to hang on the wall.

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