How Smart Home Tech is Changing Real Estate

At Coldwell Banker Gen Blue, CNET Editor-in-Chief, Lindsey Turrentine, described how smart home tech is changing real estate. Here are highlights from her presentation.

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A recent survey revealed that many parents with young kids are eager to adopt smart home technology. Here are answers to some common questions parents may have about smart home technology.

Americans Are Ready for the Smart Home

According to a survey released today by Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET, Americans are embracing the smart home, with almost half of Millennials already adopting smart technology.

What Do Consumers Want in a Smart Home?

Coldwell Banker CMO, Sean Blankenship, recently presented at the IoT Influencers Summit in Silicon Valley to explore how smart home technology is intersecting with real estate.

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Coldwell Banker panel session at REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles reveals the promise of the smart home.

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Coldwell Banker talks with CNET and LG about trends in home automation and the future of the smart home.