This is Home – The Davis Family’s Kitchen Transformation

Watch this transformation of the Davis family’s galley kitchen into a space where they can cook up meals and a whole lot of love.

Family is often the magical component that turns a house into a home. With the Davis family, their bonds are so strong you can almost feel it through the screen in the video below.

But the home that fit the Davis family’s needs a few years ago, has quickly become a tight squeeze, particularly in the kitchen space. A family that loves to entertain doesn’t have a gathering space large enough to accommodate their needs. That’s when George Oliphant of George to the Rescue and his team arrive to help transform the Davis family’s galley kitchen into a space where they can cook up meals and a whole lot of love.

Not only does the George to the Rescue team take into consideration the family’s functional needs in the kitchen and living room, but they also incorporate the Davis’ love for the New York Rangers.

Watch the full episode of the Davis family rescue, or find out what home means to them in the video below.

Victoria Keichinger is the Vice President, Brand Marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. When she's not managing national media and advertising for the Coldwell Banker brand at work, she finds herself most at home in Jersey City, NJ with her pre-school crush turned spouse and son. A true Francophile, she loves to travel and will go anywhere there are ski slopes.

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