Ranger Fans Cheer American League Team in Baseball Playoffs

The Texas Rangers were eliminated from playoff contention this year for the firs time since 2009, quashing hopes for a chance at the championship. But, fans plan to rally around the American League team in the final seven as the battle draws closer.

As true fans know, it’s better to watch a team that’s not your favorite than to watch no baseball at all.

That sentiment has been echoed many times over the past few weeks of baseball playoffs. Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, fans are watching with interest to see which teams will emerge to nab the top spots in the American and National Leagues.

Fans Hold High Hopes

Local residents caught “Ranger fever” in 2010 when the team celebrated its 50th year with championship hopes. Even though they lost that year to the San Francisco Giants, it planted a seed of hope. Fans now have almost become accustomed to seeing their team advance to the playoffs, so it was a disappointment this year when the Rangers were eliminated from contention for the first time since 2009.

Even though Rangers Ballpark will be dark until next season, you can bet those jerseys and baseball caps will be in evidence around town as that first World Series game ball is put into play. Baseball statistics will once again be quoted and compared as the games get underway. The first contest was in 1903 and, except for 1904, the “best four of seven” for the baseball championship has been played every year since then. 

One idea to keep in mind: As of 2012, the American League has captured the prize 62 times, and the National League has been victorious 46 years. Because the Rangers are out of the running this year, the consensus is that Ranger fans will cheer for the remaining American League team.

Planning to Party?

You can’t hardly escape the fervor. But, why would you want to? After all, it’s as American as, well, as apple pie. 

You certainly could plan to watch the baseball playoffs with other fans at your favorite sports bar. But, why not have an at-home viewing party this year? You can gather around the flatscreen and party on in the comfort of your own home, with a group of best friends — adults and children alike — just like enjoying the real thing at the ballpark.

Evite.com has baseball-themed invitations you can send out to friends. Gather up some cold bottles of your favorite brew, make sure you wear plenty of red, white, and blue in honor of the Rangers, and keep the food simple, with ballpark favorites taking top billing.  

You might want to serve peanuts or sunflower seeds to re-create that ballpark feeling, but proceed with caution: You’ll need plenty of designated bowls to catch empty shells. After all, you don’t want your floor to crunch with sticky shells after your party’s through.

If you want to try something new, there are many variations on the hot dog theme. There’s even a Pinterest Board dedicated to Hot Dogs. Check it out for new taste treats!

Which Team Wins Your Support?

More than one fan notes that “When your team isn’t playing, it’s all about the game; seeing the best of the best at play is what the Series represents.”

Once this fall’s World Series is over, talk will turn sooner or later to the 2014 lineup. Ticket information is already online, and you can almost hear the strains of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in the background. One thing is certain: Next spring, when it’s nearing time for training camp, everyone will be waiting to hear the cry of “Play Ball.”

Maybe then the magic will appear. Maybe 2014 will be their year for the record books.

 Photo source: Flickr


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