Baseball Decorations to Celebrate Your Love of the Game

Through good times and bad, celebrate your love of the Phillies and baseball. Add some decorative touches to the man cave or entertainment zone of your home, such as a baseball wreath or holiday decorations.

The Phillies didn’t have what anyone would consider a good year: They fired longtime manager Charlie Manuel, and Bleacher Report announced that the team entered the 2013-2014 off-season in the worst position since 1996-1997.

But if you’re a true Phillies fan, you know none of that really matters. The team has the occasional rough year, but you know they’ll soon be riding high and winning (or at least playing in) the World Series again. Bring home your team and your love of the game with tasteful baseball decorations for your rec room or man cave.

Baseball Wreath 

There’s more to baseball decorations than pennants and posters. A baseball wreath is a charming way to celebrate your home team. Etsy seller Baby Toes By Christy makes and sells wreaths made out of actual baseballs. The seller creates wreaths for specific teams, as well as generic wreaths. The shop doesn’t have a Phillies-centric wreath listed (it is based in Boston, after all), but you can order the plain wreath, then dress it up by placing a Phillies cap in the center.

Baseball Furniture

Accent furniture is a great way to let rec-room visitors know that they’ve come into a baseball sanctuary. A simple and tasteful way to incorporate baseball-themed furniture is to add a side table or coffee table painted to look like a baseball. If you are crafty, you can create your own baseball table: Paint a round side table or coffee table white, then add two rows of red painted “stitches” on the sides of the table.

You can also dress up a plain, glass-top table. Slide baseball cards of Phillies players past and present underneath the glass, so that the cards are on display. If you don’t have a glass-top table, try making a collage out of the cards. Use Mod Podge or another type of decoupage glue to secure the cards to the table. Add a layer of glue on top of the cards to seal them in place. Since it’s an accent table, the baseball details won’t overwhelm the space.

Holiday Decorations

Let people know that you’re a year-round Phillies fan by incorporating baseball decorations into your holiday decor. Dress up a Christmas tree with baseball ornaments, for example. You can find baseball ornaments and other holiday decorations with the Phillies logo on them or use plain baseball ornaments.  Make your own simple ornaments by cutting the Phillies’ “P” out of red felt. Poke a hole in the top of the “P” and loop a length of ribbon through, so you can hang in on the tree. Use your Phillies hat as a tree topper instead of a star.

You can celebrate your love of the Phillies and the game any time of year, without sacrificing good taste. When choosing baseball decorations, think of subtle details. Baseball should accent the man cave or rec room, not overwhelm it.

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