Three Healthy Holiday Meal Cleanup Tips

I’ve wanted to ditch my cabinet full of toxic cleaning supplies forever and replace with green eco-friendly products.

I was very thankful this holiday for the new Whole Foods in my town that enabled me for the first time to have a completely organic Thanksgiving meal. However, a few days before our turkey day celebration, I realized that I had forgotten some critical recipes that I felt would make all my good intentions for naught – especially the one that involved cleaning my oven in preparation for cooking all of this yummy and nourishing food.

I’ve wanted to ditch my cabinet full of toxic cleaning supplies forever and replace with green eco-friendly products. So instead of picking up some ready-made cleaning supplies, I decided in the spirit of the holiday to brew up some batches of natural cleaning solutions. The most important of these would help me tackle that one space in my home that often gets neglected in my cleaning routine.

I was surprised to find when I did a search that I didn’t need to make another run to the store and had everything necessary at home – just water and baking soda. I’m a self-professed cleaning nut so it pains me to show you how grotesque my oven has gotten since the last time I cleaned it (can’t remember when that was and I’m sure after you look at the picture you’ll wonder what the rest of my house looks like), but I felt before-and-after photos were necessary to show you this really works! No more scrubbing than when I used Easy Off, and I had the peace of mind as we ate our meal that all those harmful toxins weren’t ending up in our bodies.

A few other cleaning recipes that I added to mix of that dreadful post-Thanksgiving meal cleanup:

The Hippy Homemakers Recipe for Dish Soap – I did include the lavender and lemon essential oils since I had them around. Worked just like Hippy Homemakers professed. I’ll definitely be using this dish soap recipe from now on!

Earth Easy’s All Purpose Cleaner Recipe – In addition to the vinegar, baking soda and water solution, I made a batch of Thieves Oil and added to my concoction. 1) I’m not that fond of the smell of vinegar; 2) there are so many health benefits. I added 32 drops since my container was 32 ounces (1 drop per ounce).

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My gross oven before cleaning

My gross oven before cleaning

My oven after cleaning with eco-friendly solution

My oven after cleaning with eco-friendly solution

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