No-sweat Parking in Las Vegas

If you’re worried about parking in Las Vegas — don’t! Compared to most other major metropolitan areas, finding a spot to squat for your vehicle is not like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

If you’re worried about parking in Las Vegas — don’t be! Compared to most other major metropolitan areas, finding a spot for your vehicle is a relatively easy task. Whether you’re in town for work, play, or a little of both, indoor parking garages all over town have got you covered — literally — so you and your car can beat the intense heat during the hottest months. 

Valet Parking in Las Vegas

Every hotel casino in town has both valet and self-parking. Since there is no charge for either option, many folks take advantage of the valet, which lets them avoid having to drive around the garage searching for space, as well as alleviating lengthy walks from the vehicle to their destination inside the property. Just pull up to the front door, hand your keys to the valet, and go. 

The drawback? Depending on when arrive and depart, you could encounter excessive traffic at the valet lane upon arrival or at the attendant’s station when departing. If it’s Saturday night and a big concert or event is at the location (or an adjacent one) you may find the valet full. Even if you drop your car off without undue hassle, you could still encounter a long wait to retrieve it on a high-volume night.

All in all, you may want to consider other factors before choosing to valet park — you may decide it’s too long a wait. If you do use the service, remember that a gratuity is expected. Figure $5 as average. For run-of-the-mill service, some people tip around $2 at drop-off and $2 at pick-up, or only at time of pick up. If you make a special request (such as, “Keep the car near the front please”) or if it’s 110 degrees and the service is still speedy-with-a-smile, you might tip as much as $10. Considering that you aren’t paying the hefty $25 fees that many other cities will charge, the tip is still a bargain.

Self-Parking in Las Vegas

If not using valet, multiple floors of self-parking space are at your disposal. A helpful tip during high-traffic periods where space is at a premium: Head straight to the highest parking level, rather than waste time cruising every level trying to spy an empty space. The lower levels fill up first, so going straight to the top is a quicker, more assured route to parking in the least amount of time.

Once your vehicle is safely stowed away, remember to note its location. Parking garages at most Strip properties are vast, and it’s very easy to become disoriented. If you don’t trust your memory, write down the level and row number or store the information in your smartphone. If parking in the Fremont Street area, you’ll also need to get your garage ticket validated. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for parking. You’ll typically find a validation station near the casino cage. Since these properties know you’re there to  stroll the Fremont Street Experience canopy, it’s their hope that once you’ve been forced to venture inside the property for validation, you’ll spend some money at the tables or have a meal. offers a good list of all the free parking garages around town. Parking in Las Vegas is also free to the many residents who work on the Strip. Designated employee parking areas accommodate these workers, who are vital to the tourist industry that drives the town. With all the easy access to no-fee parking, it’s not hard to understand why many Las Vegans feel free parking is a right, not a privilege.  

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