Top 10 Coldwell Banker Brand Press Placements – Week of Dec. 11, 2023

This week’s Top 10 press placements showcase the power of the blue brand in headlines across the globe.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Press Placements

Week of Dec. 11, 2023

Inside a $26 Million Palm Beach, Florida, Mansion Built for an Interior Designer (Jennifer Thomson/The Thomson Team, Fla.)


From Kitchen Islands to Cabanas: What Wealthy Buyers Demand in Residential Real Estate (Joel Goodrich, Calif.)


Is Your Home Luxurious? Maybe, if It’s Got One of These 2023 Luxury Home Trends (Josh Baris, N.J.)


Indian Rocks Beach Home Sells for $7.5 Million (Martha Thorn, Fla.)


Beach Park home sells for $5.5 million (Jennifer Zales, Fla.)


6 Refreshing Homes With Great Indoor Pools (Gregg Larsen, Minn.)


Minneapolis ‘Mushroom House’ With Old European Charm Lists for $1.075 Million (Matthew Baker, Minn.)


6 Captivating Homes Under $1 Million (Jonathan Gilman, Fla.)


Would You Pay $299K for This Boston Houseboat? (Sarah Fillmann, Mass.)


House of the Week: A 19th-century Three-story Rowhouse Near Rittenhouse Square for $825,000 (Shaina Levin and Kelly Patrizio, Philadelphia)

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