Top 10 Coldwell Banker Brand Press Placements – Week of Oct. 2, 2023

This week’s Top 10 press placements showcase the power of the blue brand in headlines across the globe.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Press Placements

Week of Oct. 2, 2023

How a Franchise Network Thrives Through Storytelling (David Marine, CMO, Coldwell Banker)


What Moves Her Brings ‘Balance Blueprint’ Campaign to Industry (Anywhere Real Estate)


The 35 Go-To L.A. Real Estate Brokers for Beyoncé, J. Lo and Other Hollywood Heavyweights (Jade Mills and Joyce Rey, Calif.)


This Thrilling $25 Million Home Is Built Into a Cliff and Overlooks the Pacific Ocean (Mike Gilson, Calif.)


Why Is Your Home Not Selling? 5 Reasons It’s Sitting on the Market (Leslie Levy, Chicago)


Craig Robins, Jackie Soffer Sell Miami Beach Mansion for $36M (Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber, Fla.)


Meet the Notable Leaders in DEI for 2023 (Ayoub Rabah, Regional President, Midwest)


Patti Payne’s Cool Pads: Hunts Point Waterfront Estate Hits Market for $35M (Terry Allen and Darius Cincys, Wash.)


6 Vibrant Homes with Art Studios (Sarah Drysdale, La.)


Mortgage Rates Double. Here is Why That Hasn’t Killed Jersey Shore Home Bidding Wars (Eric Bosniak, N.J.)


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