Top Home-Selling Tips for Winter

Selling your home during winter can be challenging. But a few simple home-selling tips can help you easily make your home more attractive to potential buyers. These simple home-selling tips can help buyers warm up to your property even on the coldest day.

A few simple home-selling tips can help you easily make your home more attractive to potential buyers during the winter. From aesthetics to creature comforts, these home-selling tips can make buyers here in chilly Philly warm up to your home.

Provide a Snapshot

When it’s cold outside, people will likely browse homes on the Internet before coming to an open house. Make sure you have several flattering photos of your home available online. If possible, include photos of the outside of your home from the spring and summer as well as winter. This way, prospective buyers will be able to see how your home looks year-round.

Clear a Path

Luckily, this season hasn’t been terribly snowy. Nevertheless, it’s still really important that every time it does snow and you have a home showing, you clear some street parking, a path from the street to the sidewalks, the sidewalks themselves, a path to the front door, and a path coming out from the back door. Be sure to throw down some ice melt on any areas that might freeze, and also toss some sand on the path so anyone who walks on it will have better traction. Out of all the home-selling tips here, this one is the most important for safety! You want potential buyers to get to and from your home without any trouble — this will give them a better impression even on a snowy day!

Brighten Up

Winter makes for gray days. Don’t leave the blinds or curtains closed when you’re showing your home on winter days. Open the blinds and curtains to let in light. Turn on all the lights in and around the house, including outdoor lights around your front door and garage. Not only can this help prospective buyers see better on gloomy winter days, but the light makes your home look more inviting.

Make It Warm and Toasty

Bump up the heat on chilly days. You want to make potential buyers understand that your home is comfortable, and the best way to do that is by keeping them warm. Consider setting the thermostat a degree or two higher than normal.

Make It Cozy and Inviting

Make your house look homey to potential buyers. Drape a fluffy blanket over the back of the couch. Offer warm apple cider in the kitchen alongside a plate of cookies — if you have time, bake them yourself. (Bonus: Making homemade cider and cookies will make your home smell incredible!) Make your home look like somewhere the buyers could easily envision themselves living.

Emphasize Certain Rooms

Some rooms of the house become more useful during winter. For example, a finished basement, a kids’ playroom, and indoor exercise areas are all appealing places for the family to hang out when the weather outside is frightful. Be sure to remove clutter from these rooms to really emphasize their purpose, and tell your real estate agent to point out these rooms when showing prospective buyers around your home.

Price It to Sell

This is one of those home-selling tips that is important year-round, including winter. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, instead of gradually making small price reductions, price it low for the market from the beginning.

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Nikki Hess, a Philadelphia native, graduated cum laude from Dickinson College in 2003, where she majored in English and minored in creative writing. Since then, she has worked in the radio, beauty, and newspaper industries, racking up a diverse set of skills, experience, and titles. In addition to writing her first thriller series and various freelance projects, Nikki is currently a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for a leading health advocacy company in suburban Philadelphia. 

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