Using Floor Planning Apps to Optimize Your Home Sale

Floor planning apps make the perfect assistant when preparing your real estate for sale. When marketing an abode to sell, one must be savvy, especially for the high pressure of New York City competition.

Floor planning apps make the perfect assistant when preparing your real estate for sale. When marketing an abode to sell, one must be savvy, especially for the high pressure of New York City competition. Utilizing apps to prepare floor plans for the real estate to be sold will enable you to perfectly arrange the furnishings to stage for the best sale possible. An additional advantage of preparing floor plans is that you will have a presentation to showcase and hand out to prospective buyers that will impress them and give them something tangible to take away after viewing your beautiful NYC location. Making a floor plan is not difficult with the help of useful floor planning apps. Once you have your floor plan perfected, you will have created a map to follow to best stage the real estate for sale.


3Dream offers a choice of accounts, from a free basic option to a variety of paid ones to choose from. The no obligation, basic account provides a free 3D room planner. Utilizing this tool allows one to create wonderful room design ideas in 2D and 3D on your computer. Simply draw your floor plan in blue print, 2D format, then add in windows, doors, and furnishings. Then use the 3D view to finalize the room’s decor with a choice of furnishings, finishes, fabrics, art, accessories, and lighting. Once satisfied with your finished plan, you can take a snapshot of the design plan that can be printed as well as emailed.

Stanley Floor Plan App

The Stanley Floor Plan App is available for free on iTunes and Android. This app turns smartphones and tablets into floor planning tools. Once you download the app, you can measure and draw a floor plan as easy as it is to take a photo. The app will scan the room to set corners when taking a photo. You then sync with a TLM99 Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer in order to verify accurate room dimensions. Add in furnishings and objects to scale. Once finished, you can save your plan and share it for free with any other Stanley Floor Plan app user. For a very nominal fee, you can unlock additional objects to map in your plan, as well as create a PDF, JPG, DXF, PNG, SVG, and CVS formats to save, share, and print.

Mark On Call

Available for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad for only $2.99, Mark On Call allows you get professional interior designer Mark Lewison to assist in planning your rooms. The app was designed by Lewison to be easy to use by everyone. The Crosshairs Measuring Tool allows you to measure any two points in a room accurately. Simply measure and layout your preferred plan. What sets this app apart from the rest is its ability to insert actual finishes and furnishings from photos into your floor plan. This app also allows you to display dimensions for room sizes and furnishings as well as calculate square footage for each area planned. Once you have your optimal design, you can backup, save, and publish.


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