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Tucked away in the north west corner of Philadelphia, Wynnefield, PA, has a long history. The home neighborhood of several celebrities, include Will Smith, Wynnefield is a close knit community that has lots of amenities.

When you’re looking for a neighborhood to live in Philadelphia, you most likely look at available amenities, convenience, and overall cost of living. Wynnefield, PA, a neighborhood on the northwestern edge of the city, has a lot to offer current and future residents. The former home of stars such as Will Smith and Lee Daniels and the home of many past mayors, Wynnefield has played an important role in the city for many years. It might be the perfect neighborhood for your next home.

History of Wynnefield, PA

Wynnefield is named for a person, Thomas Wynne, the personal physician of William Penn. Back in the 17th century, Wynne built a large estate, Wynnestay, at what is today 52nd Street and Woodbine Avenue. The neighborhood was its own town until the middle of the 19th century, when it decided to merge with Philadelphia and take advantage of the city’s fire and police departments, according to the Preservation Alliance.

Although the neighborhood was once largely farmland, the creation of trolley routes and train lines helped speed its development and made it a desirable place to live. When Fairmount Park, which borders the neighborhood to the east, was first created, many of the former farms in the area were turned into park land.


Wynnefield has plenty of amenities to make daily life comfortable and convenient. The neighborhood is well served by public transportation. SEPTA bus routes 40, 44, 52, and several others drive through the area. Limited train service is available on the Cynwyd regional rail line, which stops at Wynnefield Avenue Station.

Wynnefield has its own branch of the Free Library, and its own residents association, which offers community development, professional services, youth services, and home assistance to people living in the neighborhood. Although much of the neighborhood is residential, there is a large commercial area along City Avenue, which has plenty of big box and department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Fairmount Park is a stone’s throw from the neighborhood, as are several amenities in the park. For example, the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, is within walking distance or a short bus ride away. The Mann Center hosts many concerts in the summer and is the summer home for the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Current Real Estate Market

According to the Wynnefield Residents Association (WRA), there is a lot of variation in the housing market throughout the neighborhood. The WRA notes that the value of single family homes is higher in Wynnefield than it is in other West Philadelphia neighborhoods. The properties available range from rowhomes, similar to what you’d find in other Philly neighborhoods, and large, mansion like single family homes.

The average listing price for a rowhome in the area, as of November 2016, is $125,421. The average listing price for a single family home is $268,122, while the highest currently listed price for a single family home is $399,500. There are considerably more rowhomes available for sale in the area than single family properties.

If you want to live near one of the largest parks in the country, have plenty of transit options at your door step, and all the conveniences of modern life, you might want to check out the homes available for sale or rent in Wynnefield.


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