Why Coldwell Banker

Our “Why Coldwell Banker” series features Owners, Brokers, Agents and Marketers explaining why Coldwell Banker continues to be a place they call home for their professional careers and businesses.

For some odd reason I have always been fixated on how people spend their most valuable resource – time. Why is it that over 90,000 agents and countless others wake up each morning and continue to call Coldwell Banker Real Estate home for their professional careers and businesses? 

While our Gen Blue culture undoubtedly unites us all under one umbrella and informs all we do – everyone has their own why. Everyone has that thing that drives them to do what they do every single day. This thought was the genesis behind our “Why Coldwell Banker” stories  – a series of videos featuring Owners, Brokers, Agents and Marketers explaining why Coldwell Banker continues to be a place they call home.

From technology and mentorship on over to the culture and scale – the common theme of these pieces is that Coldwell Banker Real Estate is an organization with the tools, people, and legacy that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Why Coldwell Banker: Tanisha Wilson on Belonging

Tanisha Wilson shares her story of how she bought her first ever home in 2015 with Coldwell Banker – and how she has since ended up as the Director of Marketing for Coldwell Banker Barnes in Nashville, TN.

Why Coldwell Banker: Laura Seroogy on Growth

Laura Seroogy shares her story of how Coldwell Banker gave her a platform and actively encouraged her to grow. 10 years later, she is now a Regional Vice President at one of the largest companies in the Coldwell Banker network.

Why Coldwell Banker: Terri King on Focusing on the Right Things

Terri King shares what she believes helped make the difference in making her company grow. ed make a difference in her company.

Why Coldwell Banker: Kevin Kercheval on Success

Kevin Kercheval shares the story of how the company he worked became affiliated with Coldwell Banker and how that positively impacted his business.

Why Coldwell Banker: Kate Dabbs on her Career Change

Two and a half years ago, Kate Dabbs made a career change, coming to real estate from higher education. Hear her story and what about Coldwell Banker captivated her and make the career change a rousing success.

Why Coldwell Banker: Leesa Rispoli on Family Culture

Leesa Rispoli shares why the guiding principle of family informs everything her highly successful company does.

Why Coldwell Banker: Joe Burns on Real Estate Technology and Scale

Joe Burns speaks about how affiliating with Coldwell Banker allowed his company, which operates out of the small state of New Hampshire – access to scale and technology that has benefited his business and the business of the agents who work for him.

Why Coldwell Banker: Laura Seroogy on Culture

Laura Seroogy shares why Coldwell Banker has felt like home to her for the past 10 years.

With a brand as powerful as Coldwell Banker, there are an endless number of reasons why you should call Coldwell Banker home. Visit coldwellbanker.com/careers to learn more.

Senior Manager, Content & Multimedia at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. In his role he manages content strategy and execution across several platforms. He’s held other roles within the Marketing Department ranging from Previews & Product Development to the day to day management of the coldwellbanker.com redesign. Besides being a marketer, Gustavo is a filmmaker, musician and writer.

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