Winterize Your Home: Upgrades Warm Up Buyers

Learn how a few, simple winterization projects can appeal to home buyers who are shopping for houses during the winter season. Know what upgrades can save future home owners energy and money while providing you with a great return on investment.

Winter is a great time to light a fire under potential home buyers. As discovered by the Appraisal Institute, there’s no better time to winterize your home and increase its value before it hits the Dallas market. With the right winterization projects, you can have buyers shuddering with excitement to close on your home.

Heat Up Demand for Your Home With Energy Efficiency

Air leaks can deflate buyers’ enthusiasm for your home. Keep warm air and spirits high inside your house by caulking and weatherstripping windows and entryways. Seal up drafts around fixtures and consider installing new insulation in your attic, basement, and crawl spaces. For a surefire return on investment, purchase energy-efficient windows. Combined with some lovely thermal curtains, these windows will have buyers warming up to your abode in no time.

Put a Holiday Twinkle in Their Eyes

Celebrate the change of seasons by replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs. This simple switch can limit energy consumption and protect the environment. To set the stage for a sensational open house performance, choose full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic sunlight. Sun-like light combats seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that leads to the dreaded winter blues and may inspire great moods.

Upgrade Your Entryway and Open the Door to a Fast Sale

While wood doors can add immediate aesthetic appeal to a home, steel doors provide a lasting buffer against the elements. In addition, a steel door can significantly reduce a future home owner’s energy bills. Far from being cold and gray like the merciless winter, modern metal doors can boast decorative elements like bright and vivid colors, glass, and even wood grain finishes for topnotch appearances.

Steal Buyers’ Hearts With Your Hearth

To keep the flame in your buyers’ hearts for your home burning brightly, welcome them with the warmth and sight of a cozy fireplace. Visitors and buyers gravitate to this spectacle, especially if it’s cold outside. Sweep away any potential reservations about your fireplace by employing a professional to verify its safe functionality. Repair masonry and brickwork to make your fireplace look as new as the imminent buds of spring. If you rely on a furnace as a main source of heating, ask an HVAC specialist to make sure it’s dependably alight, and have them check duct work and tune up your water heater. With these tips in mind when you winterize your home, you’ll squeeze out every ounce of seasonal appeal.

Image Source: Flickr/Randy Robertson


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