14 Incredible Outdoor Living Spaces

The ultimate design and decor eye candy

I’m not sure about you but I adore being outdoors during the summer months. Imagine with me, if you will, the beautiful feeling of a breeze grazing your skin and how great the sun feels too. Magic! Pair that with being surrounded by family and friends and you’ve got perfection.

Here are 14 incredible outdoor living spaces, pulled from Coldwell Banker listings, that I think embody what it means to have the ultimate outdoor living space.

First–keep in mind if you are pondering over whether to add an outdoor living space or kitchen to your home, the potential, or lack thereof, for return on investment. If you happen to live in geographical areas that don’t experience many warm months you might end up losing in the long run. If the outdoor space will not be a feature used much, it won’t be very valuable to the home.


Pacific Palisades, CA $11,380,000


Honolulu, HI $3,900,000


Malibu, CA $11,750,000


Medina, WA $4,588,000


San Antonio, TX $675,000


Mercer Island $5,695,000


Malibu, CA $24,950,000


Traverse City, MI $5,500,000


Boca Raton, FL $4,999,000


Heath, TX $2,275,000


Prospect, KY $895,000


Woody Creek $5,995,000

Miami Beach, FL $19,000,000


Aspen, CO $19,500,000

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