Video games have become part of our culture. Movies, TV shows and even bestsellers have been created from ideas that originated in video games. They’re also a central part of our homes. According to a recent study by Nielsen, 56% of households  own a video game system and 24% own more than one. We’re using these gaming systems for movies, music and of course to blast our way through 24 levels of alien onslaught…and play Madden.

While video game consoles are changing the way we interact within our home, I would venture that we’re not too far from seeing some of our future home designs come from video game inspirations. In fact there are a couple of fictional homes in games that we’d love to have a chance to live in.

Take a look at our slideshow of 10 video game homes we wish we could live in and let us know which one is your favorite or which ones you’d like to see added in the comments.

Bird Leg Cabin from Alan Wake

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It's a private island with a rustic cabin in the middle of a lake surrounded by nature's finest views. Simply stunning. Only issue is that at night the shadows come alive and you're haunted until the sun rises. As long as you have plenty of flashlight batteries, you should be able to survive the darkness...hopefully. Image courtesy of