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Here’s to Halloween and the Place We Call Home

The doorbell to your home is used more on October 31st than potentially any other day of the year. It’s Halloween and there’s arguably no holiday where home plays a bigger role.

October 31 / 2012

The Ultimate Halloween Candy

The people have spoken and the winning candy is…

October 30 / 2012

Woodbury, Georgia: The First Zombie Free Community

A popular sci-fi question to ask is when the zombies take over where will you go? Looks like I’ll be headed to Woodbury, Georgia. In last night’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers were introduced to what appears to be the first fully functioning zombie-free community left in the fictional world of the series.

October 30 / 2012
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Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Hurricane Sandy

Thoughts and prayers are with those on the East Coast today. As I type this I have a front row seat to the wind and rain battering my home and I hope you and yours are safe and sound. For those not worried about the weather, here are some real estate headlines:

5 Real Estate Gotcha’s to Look Out For

Real estate is complicated – from inspections to title searches, property lines and issues affecting appraisals, there are potential “gotch yas” looming at every turn in a real estate transaction. Here are five issues that can potentially derail a home sale and preventative steps you can take to ensure a smooth transaction.

October 29 / 2012
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Halloween Gangnam Style

No PSY doesn’t live here but we know he’d be proud! Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm with over 531 MILLION views on YouTube and has inspired countless parodies and memes across the web. We weren’t surprised to see the fun this homeowner had with incorporating the song into his Halloween decor. Enjoy! [...]

October 26 / 2012

Home Sweet Home Halloween Candy Battle: Final Round

Our confectionery competition has reached the final round and on Monday we will announce which Halloween candy reigns supreme as the people’s choice!

October 26 / 2012

A Dining Room Table Every Entertainer Needs

The Fusion table from Milano Smart Living, which doubles as a stylish dining table and pool table, cleverly brings to life the “two in one” concept to create a chic dining space as well as a fun game room.

A Tool for Moving Those Ridiculously Heavy Items in Your Home

Recently, I had the luxury of buying a new washing machine. Nothing like unexpected things going wrong at home to force you into unexpected purchases. But the buying of the washer wasn’t the problem. It was the fact that in order to get my old washer hauled away, I had to move it out of my laundry room and outside the house in order for the delivery folks to take it away.

October 25 / 2012

Real Estate by the Numbers for October 2012

This month, our “By the Numbers” update for continues to tap into the pulse of the national market to see what local insights and consumer trends have unfolded across the different regions of the U.S.