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Game of Thrones: A Home Tour Through the ‘Red Keep’

Join us for a tour through one of the nicest homes in Game of Thrones – ‘The Red Keep’. There’s a lot to love about this home and community but also a whole lot to be wary of. Let’s take a voyeuristic peak at this massive royal abode to see if we’d ever consider living there.

Harmless April Fools Pranks to Play at Home

I have been a prankster from the time I was young. I started with simple classic pranks like wrapping a rubber band around the kitchen faucet sprayer…come on you know you have done this. As I grew older I rallied my college roommate, who happened to love pranking as much as I do, and we [...]

Fort Myers: Home to the Ultimate Cinderella

OK America. It’s officially time to focus on Florida Gulf Coast University and their amazing, incredible and fun-filled rise in the NCAA Tournament. They have so many storylines. A former Wall Street hotshot turned coach who married a supermodel. Players no one wanted or knew about. A 22-year-old school with dorm rooms overlooking a beach. And, let’s face it, until this weekend the school had about as much public awareness as the migration patterns of pelicans.

A Father’s Guide to Getting a Room Ready for Baby

Ladies, this is not for you. This is just between us dads. This is not a post with affordable tips on baby-proofing a room nor is it a guide to color schemes and themes. This is a post of practical wisdom for father’s who are about to undertake what can be a fairly laborious process: getting a room ready for that first baby.

A Home Built Out of Katrina

It’s hard to visit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast without thinking about Hurricane Katrina. I was in the region last week for a Coldwell Banker event and was reminded of storm’s fury by watching Channel 1 in my Gulfport hotel room, the “Katrina” channel.

March 27 / 2013

Home of the Week: A Futuristic Gem on Lake Tahoe

Our newest “Home of the Week” takes us on a trip out West to one of the most architecturally significant and unique properties in the country. The “Lake House” as it is referred to, is an ultra modern and futuristic gem perfectly located on the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe and surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

A Grown Up Way for Displaying Posters in Your Home

Remember the days of hanging up posters in your room? A Star Wars poster on your bedroom door perhaps? Maybe Michael Jordan in a tongue wagging pose over a cowering John Stockton? Or was it Donnie Wahlberg from his NKOTB days?

March 26 / 2013
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Home for Passover

One of the few Jewish holidays that doesn’t revolve around going to Temple and instead we participate in several traditional acts, songs, prayers and dinner at home.

March 25 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for the End of March

March is almost over and pretty soon you’ll be thinking you need to start doing something about that lawn. While you recover from an overload of college basketball craziness from this weekend, here are some real estate headlines to close out the last week of March: