Hi. My name’s Kevin Harkins and I’m gonna get you home.

For me, that was the most memorable line from the Oscar-nominated film, Argo. The nominee for best picture redefines the term thriller, but at its core it’s a film about the most unique and secretive homecoming in American history.

While I’m not a voice for America, I think it’s safe to say as a nation we love a good homecoming. We’re suckers for stories of athletes coming back to the towns where they grew up to win a championship for their home crowd. We honor our soldiers upon their return from overseas. We strum songs, write novels and paint paintings depicting homecomings that are considered to be some of the most memorable works in their respective field. But in Argo is possibly one of the greatest homecomings that was never to be talked about.

Until the files were declassified just over a decade ago, the real story behind the escape of 6 American embassy workers from Iran was written down in history as a lie. Thanks to Argo, the real tale of the “Canadian Caper” is becoming widely known and the acts of Tony Mendez can finally be recognized for the courageous feat that it was.

At it’s core, Argo is a story of one man willing to chance his life at home so that six other Americans could have a chance at coming home. You could argue that was his job, which is true, but the risks taken and the obstacles he overcame to accomplish his mission are well above and beyond his call of duty.

For those who have yet to see the film, I won’t spoil it for you, but hope you can appreciate the significance of the sacrifices made for six Americans to come home.