hollywoodstar How a Celebrity Moves Into a New Home

Courtesy of Flickr user Mot the barber

The following is a guest post from Co-Founder of NorthStar Moving, Laura McHolm.

Okay, good movers hate to drop things but I’m going to drop a few names to prove I’m legit. Our client list would make the top Hollywood Agents green with envy. And our insider stories would make tabloid fodder look like the Wall Street Journal on a pre-crash day. But we don’t kiss and tell. Discretion and attention to detail, and I mean every detail, is what counts in our business. Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, and Anthony Hopkins don’t call up just any average mover. Instead, a steady stream of A-Listers call on the red carpet moving services of the top rated, award winning moving company that understands that moving is more than picking up a box and moving it from point A to point B.

Are you plagued by paparazzi? Are you trying to get off the star maps? Celebrities and other A-Listers have always been concerned about security and privacy but moving day puts the paparazzi on steroids. They will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for even the slightest glimpse into one moving box.  That’s why the stars choose a company that rolls out a cast of thousands to take care of every detail and can deploy security and decoy moving trucks to throw off the photographers. Yes, you read that right, decoy trucks.

Is your own entourage on hiatus? With the right mover, now you too can have your own entourage. Through well vetted partnerships with luxury services, the celebrity moving company is able to provide far more than just the relocation service, they provide a team that you can call “your people.”  These star-studded partnerships provide celebrity pet care, to pamper the pooch and feline during packing and moving; and nanny services, to keep kids safe, happy and entertained. The famed services pamper all celebrity types from the A-Listers to the undiscovered:

  • The Paris – Oprah’s personal dog coach, Tamar Geller of the Loved Dog fame, pampers your pooch leaving you to sit poolside as muscle-bound men ensure that your hair extensions are packed to perfection.
  • The A.L. Webber – Designed exclusively for the cat accustomed to the finer things in life, this package gives your feline friend something to sing about.  They won’t be left out in the moonlight, boarding in a world class luxury cat suite measuring 11 feet by 9 feet complete with a flat screen TV, spa music and live bird watching.
  • The Angelina – This service takes the kids right out from underfoot and keeps the little darlings safe, happy and entertained under the watchful eye of a modern day Mary Poppins, freeing up mom and dad to focus on moving and/or saving the world.

The celeb moving company also doesn’t just leave after the move; they provide professional organizers, and interior design and home staging services to take clients through the ENTIRE moving process. Clients don’t need to hang their own flat screens. Geeks come with the packages too, ready to install the surround sound and hook up their wireless service. When the luxury movers leave the premises, everything must be working seamlessly.

  • The Britney - Professional organizers show up on your doorstep and make sure you can easily find your undergarments even in the midst of a move.
  • The Martha – Whether you are looking to sell or settle in, design professionals will give your old home a makeover transforming it into a show place to wow and woo your prospective buyers, as well as make your new home into the perfect example of domestic splendor.
  • The Steve-tini  – For customers looking to step into the future or simply lacking the time to read through a pile of  instruction booklets, the high-tech wizards get the Job done while you sip on your Apple-tini.

And, what celebrity doesn’t use their fame to spotlight social issues and the environment? Giving back never has been so easy:

  • The Mother Teresa – Get into the giving habit; move other’s lives as you move your own. Clients need not worry about stuffing garbage bags of old clothes, the company will collect donations from their celebrity and non-celebrity clientele and deliver the items to their charitable partners that can turn them into a great cause.
  • The Al Gore – Experienced recyclers warmly meet you at your doorstep, pick-up your old electronics and other large items, and clear them away to be recycled properly and domestically.
  • The Green Goddess - Make a vibrant entrance to your new domain. Let the green team show up on your doorstep to polish your new space with a cleanliness that doesn’t take a toll on the earth, your health or your finger nails.

Are you jealous yet?  Like I said, you can move like a star too! California’s premier eco-luxury moving company does not limit their clientele to the stars.  And, even if you don’t need the entourage, the details make the service. Each star-studded moving package can be custom tailored to your needs and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Remember all awards aren’t won by busting budgets. These days, celebrities are looking for competitive pricing too. Instead of breaking a sweat, sit poolside like Eva, and indulge in just one of the many moving packages to get a small taste of celebrity life. Come on, who doesn’t want an entourage?