snorerelief Your Next House Could Have a Snoring RoomNo one likes to have their beloved sleep disturbed by the person next to you sawing logs all night, but some people are going so far as to have sound proof rooms built to deal with their snoring slumber partner.

What used to be kicking your bedroom mate to the couch has now become a marquee element of some celebrity homes. The Telegraph reports that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a “snore room” built in their home and some builders are showcasing these rooms as a feature in new developments.

The snore room is built to be soundproof so that the sound doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house. Tom Cruise isn’t the only culprit to need a snoring room. TV personality, Judge Judy, has also built one in her Connecticut home.  In fact the Crowne Plaza hotels in Europe are testing out snore rooms for guests that would prefer quiet rest to staying in the same room as a snorer.

So if you were building a new home would you add a “snoratorium” to the list of features you’d wish for? My wife might just say yes.